Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Misses Virat at Felicitation Ceremony !

Pulkit hosts college’s award function and welcomes guests. He says this college produced not only India’s but one of world’s best doctor and he feels proud to teach them in these few years. He further says today’s function is to felicitate an outstanding student Sai. Sai eagerly looks at door for Virat while everyone clap. Pulkit calls college’s dean and another guest and asks them to light a lamp and inaugurate the event. Ninad asks Ashwini why hasn’t Virat reached yet. Ashwini says Sai’s doubt is right. She feels concerned and says if Virat continues like this, Sai will definitely leave Virat and hence they need to do something. Ninad comforts her. Mansi tells Bhavani that Sai made Chavans proud. Bhavani yells she just got 1st among few students, Chavan family sons already made them proud when Samrat became an army officer and Virat an IPS officer. Sai thinks when will Virat come.

Virat writes a message to Sai apologizing her for not attending function, but stops when doctor walks in. Doctor informs that miraculously both mother and baby are fine and he can see them in sometime. Virat thanks god. Sonali starts her tantrums and says she is feeling bored in this waste award function. Mansi tries to stop her. Bhavani backs Sonali. They then discuss if Virat will attend function or not. Pakhi says he is not as he is stuck with a woman. Bhavani asks if the situation is so worse. Sonali says yes as Sai threw tantrum when Virat left home after Shruti’s call. Devi says Virat got Shruti’s last night and went to her. Sonali and Pakhi continue badmouthing about Sai and think she will leave their house permanently this time. Ashwini feels sad and cries. Bhavani consoles her and scolds Sonali to shut up. Sonali complains that she is worried for family, and Bhavani is scolding her instead. Samrat asks Bhavani to calm down as she is head of the family. Mansi asks Pakhi to call Virat and find out where he is. Pakhi says Virat will not pick her all and she is not interested to interfere between Sai and Virat now or else Sai will blame her again.

Pulkit announces a play. Sai notices similarity between her and Virat’s story and play and imagines herself and Virat as its hero and heroine. Serial’s title track plays in the background. After play everyone clap while Sai sheds tears.

Precap: Sai expresses her sorrows on stage that she doesn’t have a dear one who can support her. Virat hearing that thinks who is he then. She thanks people who supported her and one who didn’t, she feels alone today. Virat thinks if he is nothing to her.

Update Credit to: MA

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