Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai – Satya Ek Mulaqat !

Sai pampers Vinayak while he is asleep. Vinayak holds her hand in sleep and murmurs please don’t go mummy. Sai gets emotional. Pakhi thinks Virat must have kept pizza party for her and Vinu, she shouldn’t have made a delay. She wants to poolside and notices already pizza finished, thinks father and son finished pizza before she came.

She gets disheartened seeing Savi, Sai, Vinu, and Virat sleeping under a tent and recalls earlier Vinu telling this tent is made for her, Pakhi, and Virat. Virat dreams about Sai taking Savi and Virat in dreamland and follows them. Sai extends her hand and says they were waiting for her and its not too late to accompany them. Virat holds her hand. He opens eyes and thinks he saw a dream with closed eyes and when he opens eyes, he sees same in real.

He notices 6 a.m. in his mobile and gets upset thinking about Pakhi’s reaction after seeing them in this situation. He rushes to Pakhi and says he waited for her till late night and had decorated the room for her. Pakhi asks him to relax and says when she didn’t find him and Vinu, he went to terrace and saw him asleep in tent with kids after a pizza party, she was not surprised but shocked to see that.

Virat apologizes her and explains that kids were excited after visiting Sai’s hospital and his police station and wanted to celebrated, so he arranged a pizza party for them. Pakhi asks if Sai wasn’t present there. Virat says she was also present there, they didn’t realize when he fell asleep, and asks why didn’t she wake him up if she had come up.

Pakhi says he is right, its not a big deal. Virat says his both children are with him and he is very happy spending time with them, so requests her to not snatch his happiness and let things go as they are. Pakhi asks if he will not ask Sai to go from this house. Virat says no. Pakhi says if he can’t ask Sai to go from his house, even she will not ask him to do so.

Virat asks if she means she will not force him. He says yes. Virat happily hugs and thanks him and says they should celebrate with a dinner outing like before. Pakhi says she is busy even today, so they will go some other day. He asks if he wants to have tea. He says yes.

Virat drops Sai to hospital due to cab strike. Sai complains. Virat says whatever happens is for good. What is good in this. Virat says she took lift from him and asks why is she getting anxious when there are other doctors present. Sai says if she doesn’t go on time, Dr Satya will take her place.

Virat asks why would Satya take her place, he was treating her in her OPD and was carrying her bracelet and told its his dear one’s. Sai says Satya is a flirty character and all nurses are mad behind him. Virat says Sai’s choice is best though, referring to himself. Sai says she is talking about Dr headache and not him. Virat says she also calls him headache.

Sai continues to describe how Satya flirts with one particular nurse and drops her home. Car breaks down. Sai says she will shop for guddi padwa at a nearby market and leaves. Car starts once she leaves, and Virat finds Sai’s mobile. He gets out of car calling her.

Satya’s mother shops mango and neem leaves for guddi padwa festival and bargains with a vendor. Satya joins her and bargains with the vendor. Vendor gets angry.

Mother says she is Lavanya Masala company’s owner Ambabai Adhikari and will shut his shop down. Vendor gets afraid and sells leaves at their price. Sai comes to same vendor to buy leaves. Satya asks if Dr Chidku came for guddi padwa shopping.

Amba gets mesmerized with her beauty and asks if she stays with her parents in Nagpur. Sai says her parents are no more. Amba asks if she is unmarried as she is not wearing sindhoor and mangalsutra. Satya jokes that she is married with grown up kids and asks Amba to stop interrogating Sai.

Precap: Amba asks Sai to convince Satya for marriage. Sai’s dupatta is about to get stuck in a cycle wheel when Virat pulls her away on time. Amba misunderstands him as a roadside goon and scolds him. Pakhi meets a lawyer to file a case.

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