Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai & Virat Collapse !

Virat tells Shruti that showed her sympathy on her, he doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy or help, especially Sai’s. Shruti laughs and says Said did right to him. He asks if she is laughing thinking their illegal relationship turned legal. She says he is insulting her again. He says he doesn’t know what he is speaking and is feeling weak. She says he is risking his life by not treating himself. He says his life doesn’t have any value. She says it is and he should meet Sai and tell her truth. He says he did and she gave him birth certificate. She asks what did she say. He says she shouted at him to get out, Sai and Pulkit ruined his life and took away his family from him; he thought everything would be fine soon, but it will not. She says she feels he is unwell and should visit a doctor. He requests her to leave him alone. She walks away.

Sai also gets fever and cough and cries looking at her and Virat’s pic in her mobile, remembers Virat’s words that his death will not matter to her, and thinks it matters to her and he has a special place in her life forever. She prays bappa that she didn’t mean whatever she told Virat and cries vigorously remembering their happier days and their fights. Agar Tum Saath Ho… song plays in the background. She feels dizzy and collapses. Virat also feels week and collapses on floor.

At Chavan nivas, Ninad expresses his desire to call back Sai home. Ashwini asks why would their daughter return after so much happened. Bhavani yells that they are bothered only about selfish Sai who thinks only about her and not others, she ruined their dignity, called Virat here and walked out forcing him to sign divorce papers. Samrat says Sai did it with a reason, he got a call from DIG office that Sai submitted old date divorce certificate. Ashwini asks why did Sai do that.

Mohit says to save Virat from humiliation and his job, she sacrificed for Virat and if her irregularities are caught, she will be prosecuted. Samrat asks not to say anything inauspicious as he doesn’t want his sister to be in trouble again. Pakhi yells Sai is a hypocrite who repeatedly says something and does something else, she must be a repeated liar and does that to prove herself great, Virat will feel burdened by her favor and will fall in her feet now, soon Sai will force Shruti under her feet, Chavan family must be considering her as god now. Devi warns her to shut her filthy mouth as Sai cares for Virat and did it to save him.

Ninad says Pulkit had called him and informed that Sai’s health is deteriorating slowly, especially after divorce. Devi says Pulkit informed her same and they want Sai to stay with them. Ashwini says Sai values her self-respect and is not ready to stay even here. Bhavani yells that Sai is super egoistic, etc. Sonali and Karishma yell at Sai next. Mohit warns Karishma to respect Sai vahini/SIL and says they should visit Sai and find out her condition. Pakhi says he should call her just Sai as she is no more his SIL, she will also accompany him to see if Sai needs any woman’s help.

Devi says even she will to help Sai. Sonali murmurs who will handle Devi there and says let Pakhi go there. Karishma says even she will. Mohit scolds her, and she complains. Shivani says they should call Sai and find out her situation. Samrat calls Sai, but she unconscious on floor doesn’t pick it. Ninad asks why is Sai not picking call. Bhavani yells Sai is is arrogant and even after boasting to pick Samrat’s call whenever he calls her, she is not. Devi says maybe Sai doesn’t want to speak to them. Ashwini says its right if Sai wants to stay away from this house. Ninad says even legally its right. Samrat says they should stop blaming Sai. Mohit says let us take Ashwini’s prepared food for Sai. Ashwini goes to pack food. Ninad asks Samrat to call Sai again. He does in vain.

Shruti gets tensed seeing Virat unconscious on floor and tries to wake him up. Samrat tells Ninad that they will go and check why Sai is not picking call and asks Pakhi and Mohit to accompany him. Landline rings. Mohit says maybe its Sai’s call. Devi says she will pick it. Bhavani asks Pakhi to pick it. Pakhi does, Shruti speaks and says she found this number as home in Virat’s mobile. Bhavani asks whose call is it. Pakhi says Shruti’s. Whole family gets angry hearing that. Devi asks her to disconnect call. Samrat snatches phone, warns Shruti not to call this number again, and disconnects call. Pakhi shouts she just wanted to know why she called her. Phone rings again. Pakhi picks it. Samrat stops her and says there is no need to pick it.

Precap: Sai returns Virat’s given mangalsutra to Ashwini and asks her to give to its real deserver Mrs Shruti Virat Chavan.

Update Credit to: MA

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