Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Virat Get Close ; Pakhi’s Jealousy Increases

Virat requests Sai to have medicine to get well soon and asks when will he hear her voice as he is eager to ear Virat sir from her mouth. He says there is no use of him staying with her if she doesn’t have medicine, so he will leave. She holds his hand and signals him to feed her medicine. He does and helps her sit. She feels emotional. Ninad gets happy seeing their bonding and shows it to Ashwini. Ashwini prays for their togetherness. Mansi tells her that Bappa heard her prayers as Bhavani went to temple and prayed for Sai’s life. Ashwini thanks Bhavani for praying for her bahu.

Bhavani says Sai is even her bahu as she considers Virat as her son. Virat braids Sai’s hair and asks her to inform him if she feels pain. Samrat noticing that asks who taught Virat to braid hair. Ashwini says Devi and he used to braid her hair when she used to fall ill. Pakhi burns in jealousy noticing all this. Shivani asks Samrat to learn braiding hair and braid his wife’s hair.

Pakhi asks if she wants her to fall ill like Sai. Samrat says Shivani didn’t mean it and was trying to lighten up the environment. Shivani asks why did she come here, is it to impress Samrat. Pakhi replies its not in her nature, maybe its Shivani’s nature to impress others; she stopped on the way and brought flowers for Sai, thinks she will keep this bouquet between Virat and Sai to make them feel her presence there and think they are not alone.

Virat continuing to braid Sai’s hair and says Devi taught him to braid aayi/Ashwini’s hair as aayi used to tell if she had a daughter, she would have braided her hair. Sai cries remembering her Aaba braiding her hair. Virat asks if his presence is troubling her or she didn’t like him braiding her hair, he will go out if she doesn’t like his ugly face. She holds his hand. Pakhi tells family that she brought flowers to make Sai feel better. Ninad says she did good, Sai is unique and difficult to understand, they all made a mistake of misunderstanding Sai. Shivani says its good he realized his mistake, its take courage to realize mistake and accept it, and she is proud of him. Ashwini asks if Sai spoke. Samrat says not yet. Shivani asks if she purposefully doesn’t want to speak. Samrat says he will find out and asks them all to leave as its late. Pakhi says she will stay back with Samrat and return home with him. Omkar rudely says then lets go and forcefully takes them away.

Virat asks Sai if she remembered Kamal sir seeing him braid her hair and clicking pic says he didn’t braid it that bad. Samrat asks Pakhi to meet Sai as she may feel good seeing one more family member, even nurse won’t be having any problem.

Pakhi thinks she has a problem though seeing Sai and Virat together and will disrupt their lonely moments. Samrat then meets Pulkit and Dr. Karmarkar and asks why Sai is not speaking yet. Dr. Karmarkar says its a psychological issue and they need to consult a psychiatrist. Samrat asks if its concerning. Pulkit says it is, Sai after suffering from emotional trauma by Chavans has got a mental blockage and is unable to speak, he will consult best psychiatrist for Sai and will make sure she gets well soon. Samrat says he doesn’t doubt Pulkit’s credibility, but what if she doesn’t speak. Pulkit says h e will do whatever he can for Sai as she is like his sister, she is a fighter and a strong girl who always supported others. Samrat says even he feels same.

Virt tries to leave again. Sai holds his hand again and cries again. He asks her to speak. Pakhi enters and stands jealous seeing them holding each other’s hands. Sai draws her hand back. Virat holds it again and asks why did she leave his hand. Pakhi acts as smiling and how is Sai. Sai doesn’t react. Pakhi taunts that Sai needed vitamin V/Virat and hence she is getting better, Virat finally met Sai.

Virat says even she came to meet Sai. Pakhi says Sai is more happy seeing him instead. He asks if she came to see Sai or. She says of course and even him as he hasn’t returned home since Sai is admitted and is hungry. He asks if she came to know about him or Sai. She says Sai, but since he is here, she is asking him. Virat says everyone knows his condition. She says she just asked out of concern. He says if she has met Sai, she can leave.

Precap: Sai asks Virat if he thinks she will not speak, he is wrong; she will speak and vent out her anger on him. He says he is happy that she is speaking again, he just wanted to hear her voice.

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