Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Virat Go Diwali Shopping

Sai tells Bhavani that she is DIL/bahu of this house and has rights to opine during their discussion. Sonali says if she can, she will change Virat’s wife. Virat confronts Sonali and says if she feels bad that he is going for Diwali shopping with Sai and Ashwini, they will not go. Ninad says they will go for sure.

Bhavani says Ninad has changed and is talking like Virat’s father, Sai’s FIL, and Ashwini’s husband and not Chavan family member. Ninad says he agrees, but Ashwini is next elder bahu after her and sacrificed her whole life for them, she knows all their traditions and their needs. Bhavani frowns more. Sai says Baba has listed all the items and she can add if anything is missing. Pakhi taunts that Sai is acting like Bhavani and wants to take over Bhavani’s place. Sonali backs her. Bhavani says only she will decide the list. Mansi says Sai is also saying same and asked her to add if something is missing.

Bhavani tears list and says she will decide shopping list or everything in this house. Omkar smirks hearing that. Bhavani orders Ninad and Omkar to go on shopping. Ninad says he has some important work. Bhavani says her order is most important. Ninad says he is not a kid and is sending his family for shopping with a reason. Bhavani asks reason. He says she is the reason. She says let her know his reason for breaking rules. He asks Sai and Virat to go to their rooms. Sai asks why. Virat takes Sai away and says they should obey baba as he is fighting for them.

Ninad says he is breaking rules to keep her words as she demanded a baby from Virat and Sai and he wants them to mingle well to fulfill her demand. Ashwini says Virat and Sai are mature and will disobey her thinking they are being forced, so she wants themselves to get closer and realize their love for each other. Pakhi asks why is Sai given special treatment. Ashwini says she should ask Bhavani.

Bhavani says she will not give any special treatment to Sai. Sai in room fumes saying Bhavani will not agree. Virat says let baba handle the issue and asks her to calm down. She says Bhavani doesn’t go out as she loves creating issues and comment on them, mimicking her. He laughs and says she is a kid. She says she loves diwali shopping. He says even he used to go on diwali shopping with Sunny and Sadanand and enjoy lots of chats and ice cream. She says her mouth is watering hearing about chats. He says isn’t it.

Ninad and Ashwini walk in and inform that Bhavani agreed, so they should get ready for shopping soon. Ashwini says she is happy that her husband is shopping for her after a long time. Ninad shies. Sai says he is blushing and hastags their name as Ninash. Ashwini asks what is that. Sai explains. Ninad says then their hastag is Sairat. Sai and Virat feel weird. Ashwini likes it and says they are couple and shouldn’t shy away. She asks Sai to wear sari and come down soon.

Sai says she wanted to wear suit for shopping. Ninad says its a festival and they should wear festival dress. Ashwini asks Virat to pick a sari for Sai. Virat picks a pink sari. Ninad asks Virat to wear a kurta. Virat jokes that seeing their clothes, people will ask if they play band in marriages. Ashwini asks them to get ready soon and come down. They change an reach a shopping mall where people look at them. Ashwini says their jodi is best. Virat clashes with a masked man and seeing his eyes thinks he knows him. Man rushes away. He informs Sai that he clashed with a man whom he felt he knows well. Sai says forget it and takes him for shopping. Man looks at Virat hiding.

Precap: Virat arranges Sai’s books in his room and discusses about shifting back to his room; he further discusses about a person’s reentry in his life and fears losing Sai because of him.

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