Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Sai & Virat’s Baby in a Year !

Bhavani and Sonali ask Sai to behave like DIL of Chavan family and shift to Virat room. All are shocked specially Pakhi.
Ashwini stop Bhavani while requesting her not to do so, as its not good for Virat-Sai relation and mental peace.
Bhavani order Sai to shift to Virat room within 7 days as its diwali after 7 days and I want you to stay together.

Later all sit to have breakfast, when Bhavani tell that since Mohit is not financially stable and Smarat Pakhi are still understanding each other. Shivani ask her to come to the point. Bhavani says I want 3rd generation to come and its duty of Virat- Sai to give heir to family.
Pakhi get double shock
Sai get shock and drop knife. Bhavani says by next year, Sai and Virat should give heir to family..

Sai goes and cries
Virat goes to talk to her, but Mohit and Samrat stop him, so that she get time. Virat says what if she decides to leave him again, we just started our friendship.
Sai talks to Abba that Virat and Sai just started their friendship, everything was going good, but why so suddenly??

Omi and Sonali get happy thinking about what Bhavani did with Sai and decide to manipulate Bhavani more.
Ashwini and Ninand talk, stating Ninand will talk to bhavani, but Ashwini says she will handle..

Virat ask sai to open door, he sit outside door while sai sit other side. They both talk about what Bhavani said. Sai open door and tell that Virat sir I should not have returned from Hospital. Virat says not modak today virat sir..

Precap:- Virat says I should go away from you. Sai says you are so egar to go away far from me. Virat says why should I stay? Sai says becoz…. And stops..

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