Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Walks Out of Virat’s Life & House

Sai says her Aaba bought her up alone and even she can bring up her son alone. Virat accuses her that she never considered his family as hers and hence she threatens to leave the house and does it practically as it doesn’t matter to her, he will not let her break his family. Sai asks if this is not her family; she didn’t even step out of the house and he is differentiating between them; he broke her delusion that they cannot be one in life.

Ashwini asks them to stop and asks why don’t they realize that they are incomplete without each other. She pleads Sai not to leave the house. Sai says she is taking this decision for her son’s sake and like any other mother she wants her son not to grow in the toxic environment.

Virat says he is Vinayak’s father and asks Sai to give Vinayak to him. Sai warns him to back off. Virat says he wants his son to stay in this house. Sai says even she wants same, but doesn’t want her son to be around Pakhi and get a toxic upbringing. Pakhhi requests Sai to stop fighting. Sai warns her to back off and gets adamant to leave the house. Virat says Pakhi is part of his family and he cannot let either of his family member go, though Pakhi made many mistakes.

Sai says he spoke only about his family and didn’t include her and her son in it, he can be loyal son and there is no need to be a loyal husband and father. Virat shouts that she does whatever she wants to, he couldn’t stop her when she tricked them and got Devi married and many more incidents. Sai says she is amazed to hear that he has built such an image of her.

Ninad asks them to stop fighting as they are not only couples but parents now. Ashwini says children make parent’s bonding strong, what will they teach their son. Virat says he is tired of Sai’s drama and doesn’t want to compromise each time. Virat continues blaming Sai and says he is burdened by her wrong decisions and by his brother’s death because of her.

Ninad and Ashwini ask Virat stop talking rubbish. Sai says let him spill out the venom in him. She says her Aaba was the most beautiful relationship of her life and Virat snatched it from her, and now when she wants to build same relationship with her son, Virat wants to snatch it from her. Bhavani warns that she will slap her and clear her delusion of leaving the house. Sai warns back to dare touch her.


Pakhi pleads Sai again not to leave the house because of her. Ashwini asks Pakhi not to interfere between husband and wife. Sai says Virat just wants his son to stay back and wants her to go. Virat says he will break their relationship if she speaks a word. Sai says there is nothing left between them now.

Ashwini says Sai reunited Pulkit/Dev and her/Ninad, how can she separate from Virat. Virat stops her and says if Sai steps out of the house, she will be out of his life forever. He says she will not go if she loves him a bit. Sai says he wants her to go instead and picks her bag. Virat shouts if she has decided, then why don’t she go.

Bhavani asks Virat how can he let Sai take Vinayak away. Sai says she will not leave her son there. Virat says let Sai decide if she wants to continue the relationship with him or not. Bhavani asks him to snatch her grandson from Sai. Virat says let Sai go, he will never ask her to return. Sai says she will not and walks out of house. Virat locks the door and shouts at family that nobody would go and stop Sai. Sai heartbroken walks away holding Vinayak.

Precap: Sai’s bus meets with an accident. Usha watching the news informs Ashwini about it.

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