Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai’s Emotional Break Down

Sai cries in her room remembering Virat’s promises and his betrayal. She tells her Aaba that she realized today that she is just Virat’s responsibility and he never considered her as a wife, she was a fool to think of asking if he loves her as a wife, truth is he loves Shruti. She further remembers Virat warning family to dare not speak ill about Shruti and Mohit’s words and thinks how can Virat do this to her.

At hospital, Shruti tells Virat that he doesn’t have right to hold her baby. Nurse asks why is she telling this to her baby’s father. Shruti remembers Sada and says her baby’s father.. Virat gets tensed thinking she will reveal her identity to nurse and says everything will be alright. Shruti says this man is neither her husband nor her baby’s father. Nurse asks why is she saying this. Virat says she is under emotional stress post delivery and asks nurse to get some medicine for her. Nurse leaves.

Shruti continues that she doesn’t her husband’s murderer to hold her baby and is capable of taking care of her baby. He says she should think of her baby’s future and calms her down. Nurse returns. He asks her to help Shruti feed her baby. Nurse asks him to stay back and learn to help Shruti. He says he needs to make an important call and walks out. Nurse tells Shruti that Virat is a good husband and father. Shruti thinks Virat is her baby’s father’s murderer.

Sai continues her despair. Samrat knocks door and requests to open it. Sai feels drowsyand falls down. Samrat gets concerned and calls whole family. Ashwini, Mohit, Pulkit, and Devi rush in and plead Sai to open the door and let them console her. She denies and continues venting out her frustration on Virat. Devi breaks down and warns that she will not have food and medicine and will sit in front of her room door until she opens it. Pulkit consoles Devi and requests Sai to open the door followed by others. Sai opens the door finally and confronts them for Virat’s betrayal. They all try their best to console her, but she continues and feels drowsy again. Ashwini pleads her to sit and asks Mohit to bring some food.

Virat takes food for Shruti and asks her to let Sahas rest or else he may need to be kept in an incubator. Shruti gives baby to him. Nurse returns and says baby felt comfortable in mother’s lap. Virat asks when can baby and mother be discharged. Nurse says doctor will inform them after checkup and takes baby away. Virat asks Shruti to rest. Shruti asks him to sit as she needs to talk something.

Ashwini pleads Sai to have food followed by Devi and Pulkit. Sai says she doesn’t want to have anything and asks them to leave. Pakhi brings green tea for Sai and taunts her that its her and Virat’s favorite. Sai remembers Virat serving her tea. Devi angrily throws away tea and confronts Pakhi to stop her dirty game and troubling Sai. Pakhi says she brought green tea to make Sai feel better. Sai says she doesn’t need tea. Pakhi says Sai knew this would happen anyways, so she should let Virat go to Shruti as they are all can’t stop him. Sai gets more angry.

Precap: Ashwini says Virat will leave the house and not Sai. Samrat says Sai is his sister and will not go from this house.
Pulkit, Mohit, and Devi also support Sai. Pakhi taunts Sai needs their support after divorcing Virat. Devi warns her to shut her dirty mouth. Pakhi says Sai herself said she will divorce Virat.

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