Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai’s Moment of Truth !

Sai tells Sada that Virat promised her dying Aabha to take care her and going against his family married her and got her admission in Nagpur Medical College, maybe he is fulfill his promise made to Sada. Sada asks hen why did Virat gave his name to Shruti and Sahas.

Sai asks if he is a big criminal, then why didn’t his death news come out. He says he was acting dead and escaped, police hid the news to protect their department’s dignity. Sai remembers Virat tensed and requesting not to question him. Sada says Virat is a betrayer.

Sai asks if Shruti was with him in his mission. Sada says yes and she kept her away when she was pregnant. Sai says that means Virat was protecting Shruti and that is the reason he didn’t inform her about the mission even after insisting him. Sada says why would Virat do that. Sai says even Aaba used to hide mission details with her and cries thinking she misunderstood Virat.

Sada continues that Virat snatched his wife and son. Aide brings police informer. Sada shoots him saying he hates poilce. Sai says Virat was taking care of Shruti out of humanity as she was seriously ill and she thought he is taking care of his wife.

Sada says he saw Virat and Shruti hugging each other. Sai says he misunderstood them. Sada clicks her pic and sends it to Virat messaging him to send back his wife and son if he wants Sai back. Virat gets tensed seeing the message and shows it to Shruti.

Samrat asks what are they up to, if they got Sai’s information. Virat says yes. Sai continues to feel guilty for misunderstanding Virat and while Sada continues saying that Virat snatched his wife and son.


Virat visits DIG and says he is reporting to duty again. DIG asks reason. Virat says Sada kidnapped Sai. DIG in shock asks if Sada is alive. Virat says Sada acting dead had escaped, he has kidnapped Sai and wants to meet him. DIG says he will send some other officer.

Virat requests to let him go and once he saves Sai, he can start an enquiry on him. DIG agrees. Virat heads towards Sada’s den alone thinking he is not afraid to die to save Sai.

Sai continues pleading Sada to free her and let her speak to Virat. Sada’s aide says he should shoot Virat’s wife and in exchange of his wife. Sada says he saw his relationship dying in front of his eyes, so he wants Virat to see his wife dying in front of his eyes.

Precap: Sada’s aide informs that Virat has reached.
Sada beats Virat. Sai pleads not to beat Virat, she realized Virat was not wrong. Sada frees Sai. Sai runs towards Virat, and bomb blasts.

Update Credit to: MA

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