Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai’s Relentless Questions ..

Virat requests Sai to trust him as relationships are made on trust. She asks where was his trust when he doubted her and her friend Ajinkya when he visited their house, he created a big drama even after knowing he is her college friend. He says he apologized her 1000 times, then why she is raising that topic again; what if he breaks her phone and not let her speak to her friend. She says its not that simple, her friends don’t call her repeatedly and insist to speak only to her, he broke her trust and she doesn’t want to talk to him. He holds her hand and asks her trust is so weak. She asks him to leave her hand as its paining. He says even he is in pain and says he didn’t do anything which would hurt her feelings. She says she feels as if she doesn’t know him at all. He says he knows why she is feeling that, he will reveal her everything once he fulfills his promise made to someone outside this house.

She asks whom did he promise that its important than their relationship. She says he knows that he always fulfills his promise. She asks if his promise put him in trouble. He thinks he is going against law to protect Shruti and her baby and its full of risk, he will not let Saiin risk because of him. Shed repeats if he is in a problem. He says he cannot share it. She says she fears for him. He says he is in trouble and may lose his job, but right now he is thinking about his dear ones and will not let any trouble on her and family at any cost. She asks why he is hesitant to seek her help. She says he is waiting for the right time and requests not to ruin a beautiful relationship between because of a third person. She says even if she tries, she cannot calm a storm in her mind, why does his friend’s wife call her at midnight, don’t his friend and his wife stay together. He thinks they don’t as he killed his friend. She insists to inform who Shruti is. He says she should go down as everyone are waiting for him, he will inform her everything at the right time. She says when will that right time come, his attention is only towards Shruti, who is she. He says he cannot tell her anything more.

She calms down and says she will wait for the right time when he will inform her everything and apologizes for speaking a lot in anger. He says not needed as her anger is valid, today’s function went off beat and hence he will attend her college function tomorrow. She asks if he will really attend her college function. He says whenever she becomes a doctor, he would be the world’s happiest person. She says she is very confused whether to trust him or his actions. He says only him and asks her think about shopping for tomorrow’s events. She says she has a lot of clothes and shopping takes time. He says she will buy clothes for her and they will go on shopping tomorrow. He switches on phone. She asks if its working even after throwing so hard. Shruti calls him. He apologizes that he couldn’t talk to her earlier. He says her labor pains started and she will deliver tomorrow, so she wants him to be in hospital during her delivery. He asks if she had medicines, she should take care of herself. Sai listens to him calmly and goes to change her dress. He thinks Sai has many questions and he will answer her once situation gets under control.

Virat visits Shruti and scolds nurse for not taking care of her properly. Shruti says she will die and may not be alone to see her baby Sahas. He rescued her from jail with much difficulty and its not right to lose hope so easily. She says she will go far away from here after delivery as she doesn’t want to create a trouble between him and his wife as even she would have reacted same like his wife, his wife must be adamant to know who she is. He says his wife is understanding and is calm now.

Precap: Ninad assures Sai that he will support whatever decision she takes. Sai says if there is anything between Virat and Shruti, she will not forgive him and will move out of his life.

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