Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Satya to Express His Love to Sai !

The episode starts with Virat asking Satya if he will leave Sai if she says she loves Virat. Satya’s family members feel lucky to get Sai as their daughter in law. Sai goes to Amba and asks if she saw Satya. Amba says no. Sai searches for Satya. Satya says to Virat that he can’t leave Sai as he loves her. Virat asks if Sai knows it. Satya says he doesn’t have the courage to tell Sai. Virat advises Satya to not repeat his mistakes and asks him to confess his feelings to Sai before it gets too late.

Satya says she may leave me if she is upset with my proposal. Virat says he is with him and encourages him to propose. They go inside and They find the function ended and everyone already left. Virat says let’s go home and tell your feelings to Sai. Satya agrees. Sai searches for Satya but she doesn’t see Virat and Satya leaving the house.

Virat and Satya decide to go to Satya’s house to meet Sai. Virat and Satya argue about who will drive the car. Satya wins the argument and hence they leave in their car.

Adhikari and Chavan get worried about Satya and Virat’s absence. Bhavani says today is a bad day as they witnessed the bad things. Bhavani rebukes her. She gives bangles to Sai as a gift and says they got respect because of her. Sai says they deserve it. Amba asks Sai if she sees Satya. Sai says he is not inside. Ninad says Virat is not inside. Bhavani and Amba mock each other. Sai stops them and asks Watchman if he saw Satya and Virat. Watchman says they went to the parking place then one car left from there. Sai feels tense.

Savi calls Virat. Virat and Satya comment the same on Savi. Virat says to Satya that he is scared that he may lose his daughter to him. Satya promises him that Virat will be a dad to Savi forever and he won’t come to his place. Family members call them. Satya and Virat put their phones in silent mode. Sai gets the wrong vibe but she controls herself and says to Adhikari and Chavan family that Virat and Satya may go for any important work.

She says it’s good they return home. They leave for home. Amba cries for Satya. Savi asks Amba to not worry and says her father will take care of it. Sai receives a call from Satya. Sai attends the call and gets to know that Satya met with an accident and was admitted to the city hospital. Amba asks Sai what happened. Sai reveals to them about the accident.

Precap – The doctor informs Satya situation to Sai and her family. He says someone might have attacked Satya from behind. Amba gets shocked. Ninad asks Amba how Satya is. Amba blames Virat for Satya’s condition and says she will file a police complaint against Virat.

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