Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Savi & Vinayak Get Kidnapped !

Savi and Vinayak reach dussehra mela and think how will they search Vinayak’s real parents in such a big mela. Virat with Pakhi and Sai reach mela next and thinks how will they find Vinayak and Savi between such a huge crowd. Vinayak gets tensed seeing pani puri stall. Savi reminds that they came in search of his real parents. She gets temped seeing candy floss. Vinayak reminds that she came here in search of her father. Sai holds Virat’s shoulder and asks how will they search kids now.

Pakhi feels jealous seeing that. Virat assures that he will find kids at any cost. Pakhi says Bhavani and her team are also coming, she will check if they reached mela. Vinayak and Savi ask a couple if they saw their parents. They ask when were they separated from their parents. Vinayak his parents abandoned him in his childhood. Savi says same. Couple ask them to contact mela’s helpline, they may help him find their parents.

Mela helpline team announces 2 kids Arav and Ankush who are enacting as Ram and Laxman in ramleela are searching for their parents and are at helpdesk. Vinayak and Savi hear that and walk to helpdesk to seek their help. The notice a lady introducing the kids as their mother’s friend who came to take them home. Virat calls Kadam and asks him to be alert as child kidnapping gang is also present there.

Arav and Ankush falls for Lady’s sugar-coated talk and accompany her. Vinayak and Savi follow them thinking they can seek lady’s help in finding their parents. They notice lady making kids unconscious with spiked drink and kidnapping them in a van. Savi runs to save kids. Kidnappers kidnap even Savi.

Arav and Ankush’s parents reach helpdesk and demand their children. Sai also reaches helpdesk and ask if they saw 2 kids. She makes announcement for Savi and Vinayak to reach helpdesk wherever they are. Vinayak hears her announcement and thinks he needs to inform Sai about Savi’s kidnap and rescue Savi at any cost. He throws a nailed stick in front of car and punctures it. He then silently picks goon’s mobile from car and calls Virat, but when Virat doesn’t pick call, he calls Pakhi and informs about Savi’s kidnap.

Goon catches him and snatches his phone back. Pakhi and Sai get concerned and search for kids. Goons stop their car when crowd passes by. Savi notices Pakhi and shouts. Kidnapper scolds her subordinate to shut kid’s mouth first. Pakhi notices kids and stands in front of car. Kidnapper orders subordinate to crash Pakhi and drive car away. Subordiante does same and drives away. Sai reaches and notices injured Pakhi.

Precap: Virat, Sai, and Pakhi fight with kidnappers and find Vinayak and Savi missing from kidnapper’s car. Vinayak and Savi get trapped near burning ravan’s effigy.

Update Credit to: MA

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