Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Savi’s Tea Stall Burns Down!

The episode begins with Reeva reminding Savi that she has severed ties with Ishaan, questioning why she continues to involve him in her life. Ishaan queries Savi about her presence in his life, while Reeva pleads with Savi to exit from Ishaan’s life. Yashwant criticizes Ishaan’s conduct.

Upon hearing Reeva’s words, Savi breaks down. Shukla and Sandhya console Savi, informing her that the fire has been extinguished, but it has left everything in ruins. Savi is left in tears, contemplating the situation.

The students express their sympathy for Savi, who has lost everything. Nishikanth advises the students to stop jeopardizing their future for a shop that no longer exists and to reconsider their decision about the exam.

Reeva suggests to Ishaan that they should depart. Ishaan expresses his desire to speak with Savi, but Reeva insists that he should not and concocts a reason to justify her stance. Reeva then escorts Ishaan away from the scene.

In the car, Reeva inquires about Ishaan’s thoughts. Ishaan admits he is concerned about Savi due to the unfortunate incident. Reeva questions why Ishaan is upset when he wanted Savi to shut down the tea stall. Ishaan clarifies that while he wanted the tea stall closed, he never wished for Savi’s hard work to be reduced to ashes.

Savi gazes at her parents’ photo, lamenting that despite her efforts to progress in life, destiny always lands her in helpless situations. She tells Harini that they have lost everything.

Upon returning home, Nishikanth asks Yashwant about his thoughts. Yashwant confesses his fear for Ishaan’s life when he rushed into the fire and admits that he would never have forgiven himself if anything had happened to Ishaan. Nishikanth reassures Yashwant that Ishaan is safe and the students will no longer take the test. Yashwant expresses his relief.

Ishaan contemplates withdrawing his challenge. Reeva warns Ishaan that if he does so, Savi might perceive it as mockery and pity, which she would not tolerate.

Ishaan reflects on Savi’s life, noting that she has been constantly facing challenges since they met. He prays for Savi’s well-being.

Harini puts Savi to bed and hangs Savi’s parents’ photo on the wall. She apologizes to Virat for her inability to take proper care of Savi. She acknowledges their dire situation but sees a glimmer of hope in Ishaan, who came to Savi’s rescue.

The following day, Harini wakes up and questions Savi about the large quantity of tea she is preparing. Savi explains that it’s for the students who have an exam that day. Harini questions whether the students would still sit for the exam after the previous day’s incident and what they would be fighting for. Savi asserts that the fight is about right and wrong and the students’ self-respect. She reassures Harini that the students will take the exam.

Savi waits for the students at the gate. When the students arrive, Savi instructs them to prepare for the exam. The students inform Savi that they have decided not to take the exam as their fight was for the shop, which no longer exists. They also express their concern about the risk of losing 20 marks if they don’t score above 75 percent. Yashwant commends the students for their decision. Nishikanth invites the parents into the college to demonstrate their superiority. The Bhosle’s and parents depart.

The students request Savi not to be upset with them. Savi agrees that they made the right decision as they are guaranteed 20 marks. She asks the students to write an apology letter in the college to prove that their parents and Ishaan were correct about them. She accuses them of lacking self-respect and suggests they can live without it. The students interrupt Savi, declaring that they will take the test and prove their parents and teachers wrong. Chinmay arrives and commends Savi. After drinking Savi’s tea, the students proceed to take the exam.

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