Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : The Case of Missing Virat !!

Sai wakes up in the morning and happily rushes to Virat’s room thinking he must have returned, but doesn’t find him there. She picks phone to call him, but stops remembering his warning not to disturb him or his colleagues again. Chavan family waits to have breakfast with Virat and listen his bravery stories. Devi dances that Veeru fought bravely with terrorists and sent them to jail. Sai walks in.

Bhavani yells if she let Virat sleep peacefully or troubled him whole night with her blabbering. Sai asks her to ask her son itself. Omkar yells at her to behave. Sai says why they all question her instead of asking their son where was he whole night. In hotel room, Shruti asks Virat if his wife will not object if he stays out whole night. He says his wife is a police officer’s daughter and knows the nature of his job, so she will not question him. She says she lost her husband because of him and he is praising his wife in front of her.

Bhavani continues questioning Sai and Omkar continues yelling at Sai. Sai says she really doesn’t know where Virat is. Bhavani says he must have gone on an official work. Sai says he went on a personal work. Ashwini asks her to calm down and have some fruits as she is fasting since yesterday.

Sai asks why everyone are questioning her. Samrat asks Ashwini if she knows Shruti. Ashwini says no. Sai says Virat got Shruti’s call at midnight and went to meet her. Omkar yells Shruti must be his colleague or friend. Pakhi says Virat doesn’t befriend any girl easily. Sai says Shruti is not Virat’s colleague. Shruti Pakhi says she will question Virat when he returns. Sai asks not to as its between her and Virat and she will not question him as he gets angry unnecessarily.

Virat asks Shruti to take care of herself and call him if there is any emergency and leaves. Shruti thinks Virat killed her husband, but she somehow is trusting him. Chavans feel that Virat has to answer them as he cannot leave at midnight after getting a girl’s call. Samrat says Virat is a sensible officer and nobody can mislead him. Their discussion continues when door bell rings.

Sai hurriedly opens it thinking Virat returned but finds DIG instead. DIG asks if she was expecting someone else. She says no and welcomes him. He says he came to meet Virat as his phone is not reachable and he left midway after mission ended. Sai asks if he knows Shruti. He says no. Sai says he got Shruti’s call and went at midnight to meet her. He says Shruti must be his friend or a distant relative. She says family can elaborate on it. Bhavani says they don’t have any relative named Shruti. DIG says he wants to meet Virat as soon as he returns as he hasn’t applied for leave and is missing.

Virat returns home and is surprised to see DIG there. DIG says he came to meet him. Virat says he needs a few days’ live to rest and recuperate. Bhavani asks who is Shruti. Sai says she doesn’t want to question him, but as a friend and wife she wants to know he went to meet Shruti at midnight on which official work. Pakhi and Devi also question Virat. Virat says he should answer others, but she doesn’t want to. Samrat says he wants to, DIG asks if he is in trouble. Virat says he is not, but Shruti is.

Precap: Sai tells Pulkit that Virat has changed a lot since he returned from mission and its concerning her. Mohit notices Virat taking a pregnant lady to hospital and informs Sai that Virat is hiding something from her. Sai asks him to tell truth and not hide anything.

Update Credit to: MA

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