Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Vinu Comes Out ; Pakhi Jealous at Virat- Sai’s Closeness !

Sai and Virat enjoy Savi enacting as a police inspector during a thief-police game. Virat says his daughter is sharp like him and is catching thieves in minutes. Sai looks at him. Virat says Savi isalso her daughter. Sai says their daughter will make them proud when she grows up. Virat says yes. Their cute nok jhok starts. Savi falls down and calls Sai. Virat and Sai rush to her concerned. Savi says she is fine and a police officer should not bother about small injuries. Virat recalls saying same once and encourages her saying a police officer’s loyalty towards duty is the biggest aim his/her life.

Sai notices Virat looking at them from the window and shouts inspector Savi Joshi is injured and makes her sit on a bench. Savi says she is fine. Sai signals her at Vinu. Savi cries that she suffered a gun shot injury. Savi calls for a doctor. Virat stands confused. Savi’s friend says she is a doctor. Sai says she is a thief, they need a doctor. Vinu feels concerned for his sister and runs down carrying his doctor’s toy kit despite Pakhi trying to stop him.

Virat and Savi’s friend rejoice seeing Vinu out of the house. Bhavani and Ashwini stop Pakhi and says she should be happy instead that her son is out in a fresh air. Pakhi unwillingly nods yes, trying hard to show some emotions. Vinu treats Savi like a true doctor and says now she is fine. Everyone clap for him, boosting his morales and leaving Pakhi frowning.

Back to room, Savi thanks Vinu for treating her and offers him Sai’s prepared kothmir vadi as a fees. Harini praises them and says helping each other is humanity, etc. Bhavani tongue lashes Pakhi that a mother should be like Sai who tried to help her child get out of fear and not confine him in a suffocating room and offering an air purifier. Sai serves kothmir vadi to Mohit, Karishma, and Shivani who enjoy it and thank her. She then offers them fried modak.

Mohit says fried modak is Virat’s favorite and hopes if Virat was here. Virat returns after dropping Savi’s friends to their homes and seeing modak asks if he can try one. Sai offers him modak and comments that one who had instigated her son against her and filled poison in his mind have failed today. Virat says if she is addressing him and thinks she won against him, he will accept his defeat as his children are more important to him. They both stand looking at each other. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that.

Sai calls constable Varsha and asks why did she leave before she could get ointment for her and asks her to come and meet her as she knows she is a victim of domestic violence or else she will inform police department about it. Varsha gets afraid and says she will come and meet her. Virat in his officer recalls watching Sai drying her hair hiding and thinks her presence brightens his mood even after so many years. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein.. plays in the background. Pakhi clasps her fingers and asks where is he lost.

Constable Varsha visits Sai and accepts her that her husband domestically abuses her. Sai says society comes to her with domestic violence complaints, but she herself is tolerating abuse. Varsha says she is bearing a burnt of the society, her husband wants to suppress her by showing his power on her. Sai says she should file a complaint against her husband. Varsha says it won’t work as her husband works for a famous minister and even her family name will be spoilt with complaint. Sai convinces her.

Virat asks Pakhi what is she doing here. Pakhi says she brought lunch for him and thought of spending some quality time with him. He says she did right. She fixes a table and says let us make it a lunch date. She offers him solkadhi and says let us promise to never fight and make their married life peaceful. She thinks its good she came here as Sai-named eclipse has barged over her at home. Sai reaches police station with Varsha and tells her that she used to work here and knows DCP Virat well. Pakhi tries to feed Virat. Sai knocks door and enters room.

Precap: Pakhi shouts at Virat what is happening. Virat says he didn’t go to Sai’s office to pick her up. He notices a shadow near outhouse and gets worried for Sai and Savi’s lives. He sleeps outside outhouse and feeling cold covers himself with Sai’s sari. Jealous Pakhi tears sari while Virat is asleep.

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