Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Furious as Omkar Talks Bad of Sai !

Pakhi over phone badmouths about Sai and hopes she finds a way to kick Sai out of house. She turns and gets tensed seeing Samrat standing and hopes he didn’t listen to her conversation. He asks whom she was speaking to. She says her aayi/mother and asks if he heard anything. He removes his earphone and says he was busy on phone. She relaxes. He asks headache medicine. She asks why he is having headache suddenly. He says there is so much happening at home, Omkar is threatening to leave house and blaming Sai. She thinks he started supporting Sai again, when will Sai get out of her life.

On the other side, Virat warns Sai to stop discussing about Pakhi always and gets angry. She apologizes him for blaming him for his past and asks him to calm down and plan aayi and baba’s wedding anniversary. He says she plans everything alone, how did the miracle happen of sharing everything with him. She says its not a miracle, they are friends now; he is aayi baba’s son and knows them well, so she wants his expert advice. He feels guilty for unable to clear his parents’ differences. She comforts him and asks him to clear Omkar’s misunderstanding and convince him not to leave the house. He says its a good idea. She suggests to take Samrat along. He leaves saying they will go for her hospital followup after that.

Pakhi walks out of her room when Virat tries to rush in and stops seeing her. He apologizes her and asks if Samrat is in. She says he is talking to orphanage incharge and asks if he came to talk about Sai. He asks why she is stuck at Sai. She says because he always discusses about her. Samrat walks out and asks Virat what was he talking about Sai, if she is fine. Virat says she is, but Pakhi is always worried about Sai. Pakhi walks away fuming. Virat says he wants them both to convince Omkar not to leave their house. Samrat agrees and walks along. Sonali in her room praises Omkar for supporting her and fighting with family for her.

Omkar says he shut everyone’s mouth, especially Sai’s. Virat with Omkar enters and asks Omkar what did Sai do to him that he is so rude towards her. Omkar says he considers Virat as his son and if he wants to support his wife and question him, he will not tolerate it. Virat says he came here to talk to him like a son. Omkar and Sonali yell that they will never tolerate Sai’s nonsense and will keep their son and bahu also away from her. Mohit enters and says he considers Sai as his elder sister and will always follow his relationship with her.

Sonali continues yelling that Sai always does drama. Samrat asks her to stop as Sai never did any drama. Virat requests them not to leave house. Omkar asks why did he bring his wife back home then. Virat says this house also belongs to Sai. Karishma comments and tells Mohit that he should respect his parent’s decision and shift with them, maybe he will drop his acting idea and join his father’s business. Mohit says he will never leave this house and his brothers.

Samrat praises that there is no drift between brothers. Mohit says he will never leave his brothers. Sonali yells that Sai has ruined their family. Virat says he came to convince them like a family, but will not tolerate them spilling venom towards his wife. Sonali and Omkar continue their hatred filled words towards Sai. Samrat says he agrees with Virat, Sai always though good about family, so they should stop their hatred towards her.

Sai while returning home with Virat after doctor’s followup says got rid off bandage, when will she get rid off medicines. He mimics her and asks why did she miss medicines. She says she forgot. He says she herself is becoming a doctor and is careless. She asks what did Omkar say. He says he doesn’t think Omkar will stay back on his insistence. Sai says she herself will go and convince him. He asks if she is a queen that everyone will obey her. She says she is and asks him to stop frowning and smile. He says its his wish. She says its her wish and she will discuss with Omkar. He stops car. She asks if he will scold her now, she will complain aayi and Samrat dada and continues blabbering. She then turns and finds Virat missing.

In kitchen, Karishma asks Ashwini what is she preparing for lunch today. Ashwini says she is preparing soup for Sai and asks her and Pakhi to take care of cooking. Pakhi asks her to go and rest for sometime as she always is busy working. Ashwini leaves. Karishma tells Pakhi that she is tired of seeing everyone praising Sai, anyways her family will leave this house in a few days.

Pakhi says looks like she is too happy seeing her family shifting. Karishma says she is. Pakhi frightens her that she will be in trouble as only she will have to work in her new home as Sonali never works and will rule house like a queen dumping all the work on her. Karishma gets afraid and says baba has decided to shift. Pakhi says Omkar will change his decision and says Omkar took decision as he thinks Bhavani supported Sai and misbehaved with Sonali, so if they make Bhavani against Sai, Omkar will not go.

Virat calls Sai and asks her to come out of car as he is in trouble. She worriedly walks out and asks if he is fine. He asks her to continue walking on his orders and she reaches a candy floss stall. He says he was confused which color to choose, so he called her here.

Precap: Sai criticizes Virat and rudely behaves with him. Bhavani warns him to stop misbehaving with Virat.

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