Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Hides Shruti Claiming as His Wife !

Shruti asks Virat if he thought where he will keep her. He says he will keep her in a temporary place until he finds a permanent place for him. He asks will he come to meet her there. He says police doesn’t know how Sada’s wife looks, so she has to act as suhagan with sindhoor and not Sada’s widow.

She hesitates at first but then agrees and says she will for Sada’s sake and maybe she will meet Sada one day. He says she has threat from other groups apart from police who would try to gather vital information from her, which they couldn’t from Sada. She says when he is doing so much for her, she will follow his orders. He asks when she had her last prenatal checkup. She says they don’t get prenatal checkup in jungle and its her 8th month. He says he will find her an isolated place near hospital and will keep her in a temporary hotel till then. She thinks she doesn’t know about his family, but he seems to be a good man and she should trust him.

Sai misses Virat and thinks one he returns, she wants to ask him if he loves her like a wife. Virat takes Shruti to a hotel where receptionist insists for their ID card. He gives his ID card and says she forgot her ID card at home. Receptionist says its a policy. Shruti imagines Sada in Virat and feels labor pain. Virat rushes to her and requests to give them a room. She asks his wife’s name. He thinks for a second and says Mrs Sai Chavan. He then walks to Shruti and says she will stay in this hotel for a few days.

She asks if he will not stay with her. He says he will visit her often. She feels guilty that he is paying for all her expenses and taking her and her baby’s responsibility. He says he is taking responsibility himself, so she can repay him when she gets money. She asks if he is married. He says yes and his wife is medical student. She asks if his wife knows about this. He says no and will have a lot of time once he returns home, but he has already told her that he will not hesitate to hide truth if it saves someone’s life.

Sai continues missing Virat. Samrat offers her green tea and says he knows she wants to see Virat at this time. She says no. He says sometimes heart speaks different and eyes speak different, he can see only Virat in her eyes; she shouldn’t be sad as Virat will return soon after finishing his mission, he will be awarded for his bravery, but nobody will award her for bravely waiting for her husband and its not an easy task. Sai says she is lucky to have a brother who cares for her and came to share her pain. He says Virat is lucky to have her as wife and asks if Pakhi was also missing him when he was out for a year and used to get happy whenever he was discussed. She asks if he thinks so, then he is right. He prays for Virat’s safe return soon.

Hotel’s employee while dropping Virat and Shruti to their room asks if his wife is pregnant, his sister works in a clinic and if there is any emergency, he should inform him and he will call his sister here. Virat thanks him and sends him away. Shruti gets angry hearing Virat mentioned her as his wife. Virat explains that he had to do this for her safety and asks her not to trust anyone here easily. She says she trusted him. He thanks her for that and promises to never break her turst.


Precap: Sai happily runs and hugs Virat when he returns home. Ashwini says she know Sai would be very happy with his return. Mohit says he will bring Virat’s bag. Virat says his bag is with his team. Sai says she knows why he came alone. He thinks if she found out about Shruti.

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