Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Injured in Rocket Blast !

Satya tells Sai that he will make a deep cut into commissioner sir’s chest to remove the ammunition. Virat says once they remove the rocket, they should start commissioner sir’s surgery and save him. Dr Survase walks in and stops them. He says they have to vacate this place immediately and can’t perform surgery here. Satya says commissioner sir and Sai’s lives are in danger.

Dr Survase says this hospital’s oxygen pipeline is right below OT room and if the rocket blasts, it will blast the hospital and the surrounding buildings and hence they should shift commissioner sir to another hospital. Virat says Dr Survase is right and they try to shift commissioner sir on a stretcher. Virat slips and falls down. Sai panics. Virat assures her that he is fine and to keep moving. Satya also assures Sai.

Satya’s hand shiver while performing surgery. He thinks why he is shivering for the first time in life. His inner voice suggests him that he loves Sai and is worried for her life, so he should propose her before its too late. He tells Sai that he wants to tell her something. Virat says they should complete the mission and then he can do whatever he wants to.

Sai also says they don’t have much time left. She recalls time spent with her children and Virat. Satya makes a cut and tells Sai that she can remove the rocket now. Sai removes rocket and carefully hands it over to Virat and tells him that their children are waiting for them. Virat carries rocket away. Satya tells Sai that he wanted to tell her that. Sai says let us talk later and walks out.

Virat tells his subordinate Shinde that they should take it to nearby ground and detonate it. He walks out silently and keeps rocket in a box. Shinde congratulates Virat that the mission was successul. Bomb blasts. Sai is shocked to see that and shouts Virat.

Satya hearing her voice asks Survase to take over and rushes out. Sai rushes to injured Virat and pleads him to wake up. Satya stands disheartened seeing that. They both treat Virat, and after some time, Satya seeing Sai siting holding Virat’s hand asks if she still loves Virat. Sai asks why is he asking that. Satya says she was tensed when Virat was injured on ground and he could see fear on her face, it happens when they love someone immensely, so he asked if she still loves Virat.

Sai says she doesn’t know. Satya asks if she doesn’t trust him. Sai says she really doesn’t know if she loves Virat or not, but she cares for him for sure as he is her children’s father and worried for them if something happens to Virat. She asks what he wanted to tell her in OT.

Satya recalls his inner voice suggesting him to open up and express his love for Sai. Virat in sleep murmurs I love you Sai. Sai gets emotional. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Satya says Virat is an amazing person to express his love for her even in this condition. Virat further says I hate you Sai, you are a betrayer. Sai says Virat hates her.

Satya says he doesn’t think Pakhi will return. Sai hopes Pakhi returns, but as he said she may not come. Satya asks if she will take care of Virat in Pakhi’s absence. Sai asks if he wants her to go. Satya says he likes spending time with her, he is bonding with Savi really well, and doesn’t want Sai to go forever.

Sai says she is just bothered about the bonding between her and her children and situation between her and Virat got so worsened that she had to run away and marry Satya; she wants Virat to move on in life and doesn’t want to break anyone’s heart. She gets a call and walks out. Satya says thank you Sai.

Vinu video calls Sai and asks where is baba, he saw the news and wants to meet her right now. Sai asks him to calm down and be brave. Vinu says he saw a news about someone’s death during the blast, if baba is fine. Sai asks him not to ever think like that. Bhavani rudely asks where is Virat and to give phone to her. Sai says Virat is fine. Bhavani continues to yell and says she doesn’t trust Sai. Sai says its up to her, she relayed her message.

Precap: Virat’s team celebrate Virat’s successful mission. Reporters call Virat and Sai as a power couple. Sai says her husband Satya was an important part of this mission and together they all 3 made this mission successful. Virat looks at Sai.

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