Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat ne Diya Sai ko Surprise !

Ninad asks Sai price of a big TV. Sai says 1 lakh rs. Bhavani yells if she knows how many 0s are present in 1 lakh. Sai says she is a medical student and knows well, there will be less strain on eyes with big HD TV and full entertainment. Devi rejoices that she can watch cartoon shows on big HD TV. Pakhi taunts she passed 2nd year and not final year, will she waste time watching TV.

Samrat says he will gift TV to whole family. Sai says his request is rejected, whole family will contribute for the TV and she will contribute 8000 rs out of her 8701 rs gift and will buy a pen from 701 rs. She then says is giving their family an upgrade and they all can watch Mohit’s serial on TV. Devi rejoices again that she will watch her brother on TV. Bhavani stops her and yells why should they waste 1 lakh to watch Mohit on TV.

Ninad says let us stop this drama and cut the cake. Samrat says let Virat join them and calls him, but finds his phone not reachable. Sai says she knows where Virat is, he will not come. Pakhi comments bitter again followed by Bhavani, Sonali, and Omkar. Virat enters and calls Sunny in who brings a big 4K HD smart TV. Virat says its a gift for Sai. Pakhi says Sai is never happy even after 2 gifts in a day.

Devi says they will watch a big TV now. Virat says he had informed aayi and went out with Sunny to bring TV. Ashwini says she told Sai. Virat asks Sai if she is happy now or not as her wish is fulfilled. She says a lot. Karishma says TV will be fixed in Sai’s room. Sai says she will fix it in living room and whole family will watch Mohit’s serial. Karishma says now nobody has to contribute for TV. Sai says even now they should and they all will go on a vacation. Whole family rejoices except Bhavani and her team. Pakhi burns in jealousy.

Sai cuts cake and hopes Virat dances with her like during her birthday party. Virat hears alarm and thinks its time to return to Shruti. Shruti’s condition worsens and she asks nurse to call Virat. Sai insists Virat to dance with her. Virat thinks he will inform her everything one day and dances with her on a romantic song. Pakhi stands aside jealous. Samrat offers to dance with her and she agrees. Ninad asks Ashwini if they should so kids what real dance is and dances with her. Virat dances with Ashwini next. Sai notices Shruti’s 15 missed calls and gets angry. She picks call and speaks to Shruti.

Precap: Shruti calls Virat during party. Sai picks call and warns her to stop calling Virat repeatedly. Shruti in labor pain requests to let her speak to Virat. Virat asks Sai to return his phone. Sai asks what is going between them and angrily breaks phone.

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