Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Offers 2 Options; What Will Sai Choose?

Pakhi asks Samrat if he still thinks she loves Virat after doing so much, she can’t believe it. She says she doesn’t agree with his thinking as he is wrong. Samrat says her denial is waste as her eyes speak what is in her mind, he is quiet just because of Virat as he doesn’t want to hurt his younger brother; he don’t know how he let her back in his life, some couple’s heart thrive for someone else’s, he accepted his fate as it came; he is mature enough to understand her intentions and she should understand that she cannot repeatedly interfere in Virat’s life as her acts are not only affecting only her but also others, especially Sai, he will not let her trouble Sai anymore.

She says he is worried about Sai and didn’t think once that his words are hurting her, her life is shattered like her dreams and when she is trying to recollect everything, he is not trusting her. He says he trusts her but not her intentions as her life revolves around only 1 person and is just finding a replacement as a scapegoat, she wants to replace him with Virat, but he shouldn’t ruin his family’s happiness and especially become Sai’s enemy. Pakhi stands shocked seeing him understanding her mind.

At hospital, Ashwini prays for Sai and Virat’s togetherness and walks away asking Virat to feed food to Sai. Devi video calls Virat and tells Sai that she will be fine soon, she wanted to visit her right now, but Pulkit told he will take her once Sai gets completely well, etc. Sai asks if she should be admitted in hospital forever as he is always angry and spits fire from his mouth at home. He asks if she wants to remind repeatedly that he rudely behaved with her. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him. He smiles and tricking her feeds her food. She says she is having food as Aayi prepared tasty food.

Ashwini waits for Dr. Anjali and asks if she can speak to her. Dr. Anjali takes her to her cabin. Ashwini thanks her for helping Sai and making her speak again, even she wants to know what she spoke to Sai as she wants to know what is in Sai’s mind. Dr. Anjali says Sai at a small age suffered a lot, but she is very strong and thinks of others always. Ashwini says Sai tries always to keep others happy, but she couldn’t connect with Virat like normal husband and wife does.

Dr. Anjali says Dr. Pulkit informed her that this situation is because of Virat’s past. Ashwini says Virat had a past, but wants to move on; she knows her son means it. Dr. Anjali says Virat and Sai mean for each other a lot, but things are not as easy as they think. Ashwini says they fight a lot for small issues and cannot see love for each other. Dr. Anjali says when they try to keep 2 people forcefully together or force them to follow relationship, they suffocate, but when they are left on their own, they normalize and their bitterness will vanish if they become friends at least.

Chavan family performs Bappa’s pooja and prays for Sai’s speedy recovery. Ninad hopes Sai returns home soon. Sonali tells Omkar that Ninad is praying for his favorite bahu. Karishma tells Ninad that he is praying for Sai’s return home, but she may not return home. Sonali says even she doesn’t feel so. Pakhi if she had visited hospital, she would have seen how Virat was taking care of Sai and if he says, Sai will return home. Samrat says its good and Sai should return home soon.

Omkar in his usual rude tone asks why did she run away from home hiding. Back at hospital, Ashwini thanks Dr. Anjali for her help. Dr. Anjali asks her to take caer of herself and Virat/Sai and goes to attend other patients. Ashwini prays for Virat and Sai again. Dr. Karmarkar checks Sai and says she is ready for discharge. Sai asks where will she go after discharge. He says her house where she used to stay before. She says its not her house. Pulkit takes him out to speak. Virat tells Sai that he knows she left Chavan nivas as she doesn’t want to stay there, so she can stay at Pulkit and Devi’s house and visit Chavan nivas whenever she wants to. Sai says they are not playing badminton and her life is not shuttle cock, she doesn’t have her own place at all.

Precap: On the way home, Sai stops car at her accident venue, walks near pit, and feels drowsy.

Update Credit to: MA

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