Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Plans to Keep Sai Away from Savi !

Sai takes Savi away with her. Virat gets a nightmare of Savi calling him and wakes up. He finds Savi missing and questions whole family. He doubts Savi must have taken her away. Bhavani says jungli mulgi didn’t come here. Virat says Jagtap must have taken her, he will not spare Jagtap. Ashwini asks him to relax as nobody can under breaching heavy police security Savi walks to him and says she had gone to bathroom. She asks why he looks so tensed, did he get a nightmare. He says yes. She says even she got a nightmare of bad people taking her aayi away, her aayi never leaves her alone at night and wants her mother right now. Vinayak and Pakhi try to comfort her, but she insists to meet her mother. Virat sings a lullaby and makes her asleep.

Ninad informs Virat that police commissioner had called him. Virat calls commissioner who doesn’t let Virat justify himself and orders to reach police station right now. Virat agrees and yells that Sai thinks she can defeat him by involving commissioner, he will teach her a lesson. He reaches police station. Sai asks how is Sai. Virat says she is happy with her father and brother.

Sai asks if he informed her that he is her father. Virat says not yet. Sai says he shouldn’t as it would adversely affect a little girl’s mind. Virat shouts at her not to teach her. Commissioner asks them both to stop and says he never thought he would see a day where they both would be fighting, Virat’s act is unjustifiable. He asks them both to sit and talk.

Virat starts his allegations on Sai describing how a bad woman Sai is who kept his daughter away from him and let him and his daughter crave for each other, she gave a poor life to his daughter and was escaping with her from Nagpur. Sai says her work had finished in Nagpur and she doesn’t want her daughter to have a father like Virat. She describes Virat’s atrocities. Commissioner says they should behave as educated and solve the issue peacefully as their daughter would face consequences of their behavior.

He tells Virat that he cannot detain Sai illegally without any paper work. Virat says he already filed FIR and asks his subordinate to send FIR copy. He shows FIR copy to Sai and says she had a problem that he detained her without an FIR, now she would be behind bars.

Commissioner tries to stop him. Virat warns him not to interfere between a mother and wronged father and challenges Sai that he will not return his daughter so easily and would let Sai crave for her daughter like he did for years. Commissioner tells Sai that since Virat is taking a legal route, even she should use legal route. Sai says it would take a lot of time and she can’t stay away from her daughter. Commissioner says he will speak to his lawyer to take forward her case as soon as possible and would instruct police officers to behave well with her.


Ashwini comes to Vinayak’s room and gets emotional seeing sleeping Savi. She pampers her and says she wanted to pamper her granddaughter, her granddaughter was in front to her eyes and she warned her not to call her grandmother. Virat returns home. Ninad confronts him putting Savi’s mother in jail and asks what would Savi think when a man who is pampering him has put her mother in jail. He says he can’t retain a mother in jail like that.

Virat justifies his act and reminds that Ninad used to never let him away from his eyes whever he used to return from his duty after 6 months, he is away from his daughter since years and asks how can he not understand his pain. Ninad stands speechless. Next morning, Virat sets up gifts and chocolates in Savi’s corner. Pakhi says he hasn’t slept well and working tirelessly. Virat asks how his set up is and says he doesn’t want Savi to miss Sai and explains his plan to keep Savi busy and not remember her mother at all. Pakhi asks what about Vinu.

Precap: Savi insists to meet Sai. Sai escapes from police station to meet Savi.

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