Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat & Sai Fight Over Rajiv !

Rajiv telling Sai about his mistake and proclaims to rectify it. He notify her that how he left Shivani on their wedding day, as he was scared of commitments. He also tells that he realised his fault and so wants to apologise to Shivani. He accepts that his crime is huge, but states that he have realised his true feelings for Shivani. He says that after his mother’s death he understood the value of relationships and so wanted to have a conversation with Shivani. He requests Sai to help him for once, while she replies that she can’t trust him after his betrayal.

Here, Rajiv understands Sai’s turmoil and assures her that he is fine with whatever she will decide. She tells that she can’t promise to reunite them, but she can surely make them meet. Rajiv gets elated and shows his gratitude towards Sai. He also learns that Shivani still gets affected by his presence and concludes that she still have feelings for him.

Rajiv determines to take Shivani’s forgiveness for his deeds and thanks Sai for helping him. Whereas, at that time Virat comes there and punches Rajiv. Sai gets shocked and tries to stop Virat, whereas he glares at her and ask to stay away from him. He looks at Rajiv and becomes furious. Whereas, Rajiv says that Virat have full right to beat him as he had done a huge mistake.

Elsewhere, Rajiv ask Virat to give him one chance. He says that he just wants to talk to Shivani for once, but Virat denies about it. He says that he can fool Sai but not him. He glares at Rajiv and tells that because of him Shivani even tried to commit suicide. Whereas, Rajiv gets shocked learning about it and blames himself for it.

Rajiv accepts Virat’s allegations and says that he deserves the punishment. Meanwhile, Virat files case of fraud and molestation against Rajiv and makes the police arrest him. Rajiv accepts it without any fuss and declares that he deserves it for hurting Shivani. Whereas, Sai tries to stop Virat but he doesn’t listen to her.

Ahead, Virat confronts Sai after getting back inside their room. He scolds her for always interfering in their matter, to which she replies that she was just worried for Shivani. Virat ask if she is taunting him that he doesn’t care about Shivani? To which she denies and says that no one bothered about looking for Shivani when she was going through so much. She states that Shivani is affected by Rajiv and it won’t end unless they clearifies things in between them.

Virat shouts at Sai and ask her to stay in her limits. He states that Rajiv had already hurted Shivani and he won’t let him come in her life again. He taunts her about believing in love, while she gets teary eyes and accepts that she have done injustice with him, but tells that she is trying to get his forgiveness. He ask her to stay away from him and the goes away.

Further, Shivani drags Sai inside her room and confronts her about planning to meet Rajiv. She reminds her about staying away from her personal life, while Sai notify her about Rajiv being in jail. Shivani gets shocked whereas Sai apprises how Virat had filed case against Rajiv. She tells that Rajiv only wanted to meet Shivani once, while latter gets into dilemma.

Precap: Sai shows some outfits and jewelleries to Virat, while he gets frustrated with her continuous questions. He ask if she is planning for their marriage? To which she laughs and states that she needs his help to reunite two lovers. Virat questions about it being confused. Whereas, Anupama questions that if Virat and Sai will also get closer while reuniting Shivani and Rajiv?

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