Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Sai Have ‘US’ Time ; Pakhi Put in Her Place by Virat

Virat calls Sai to a candy floss stall and asks her to select a color as he was confused. She gets angry and asks why did he make such a big drama. He says he wanted to surprise her. She selects pink one. He tries to bite some, she stops him and give a small piece. Their cute nok jhok continues. They reach home. He asks what she thought about aayi baba’s wedding anniversary. She asks what if aayi baba’s relationship worsens instead of normalizing. He says she is right. She says they need make baba realize his misbehavior towards aayi first. On the other side, Bhavani asks Omkar to forget everything and stay back at home. He says she has forgotten everything and is supporting Sai nowadays. She says things have changed here, he criticized Sai in anger and misbehaved with everyone, so he should apologize everyone.

Omkar says he spoke sense and seeing family’s rudeness towards his family, he will shift his business and house and will leave peacefully with his family. Bhavani says its their family business which her husband took care of along with his police job, there shouldn’t be any differences between family members and they should forget everything and stay together. He says if she is showing her right on business, he will start a new business. She says its not a question of business, she wants him to stay back and continue his control over business and if he gets adamant, he has to sacrifice all his rights. Ninad asks not to say that. Omkar blames Sai for their differences and walks away. Ninad feels sad. Bhavani says until she is alive, her house will not break down.

Virat likes Sai’s idea and decides to discuss it with Shivani and Mohit. She stops him and asks not to be in a hurry and says she got a gift for him. He excitedly asks what is it. She shows him aayi baba/Ashwini and Ninad’s edited wedding pic with Virat’s face replaced with everyone’s face. He gets amazed and asks reason. She explains what aayi said. He says she didn’t want him to make happy but pull his legs. She laughs and says his legs are on floor and snatches photo. He insists to return photo. She tries to run. He holds her and lifts her.

Their nok jhok starts. Seh asks him to drop her down. He drops her on bed. She gets angry. He leands towards her and their eyes lock. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein.. song plays in the background. Ashwini brings lunch for Sai and alerts them. They stand nervous. She asks Sai if she met doctor. Sai says yes. Ashwini asks why is she holding her wedding album pic and seeing Virat’s face replaced with everyone’s face laughs on Virat. Virat walks away fuming. Sai asks aayi to discuss modak’s childhood stories with her as he is so loving and cute. Ashwini taunts her. Sai nervously says love as a friend. Ashwini thinks Sai will eventually fall in Virat’s love.

Virat smiles looking at photo. Pakhi walks to him and taunts that he is always in Sai’s room, same with Sai and she visits his room often, but why can’t he visit her room as they are friends and why people criticize their friendship. Virat asks her to stop comparing her with Sai. Pakhi says she and Sai are both is friends, then why there is a different behavior towards her. He says Sai is his wife, he and Pakhi were in love, but things have changed, he is married to Sai and she is married to Samrat. She says she knows she is his first love and its difficult to forget first love. He says Sai is his wife and color of first love vanishes slowly, but color of sindhoor stays for 7 lives. She walks away frowning. He continues looking at photo.

Precap: Ashwini says there is no need to celebrate a relationship which doesn’t exist at all. Virat asks that means he doesn’t exist at all, why did they bring him on earth when they don’t love each other at all. Ninad says he truly loves Virat. Virat requests him to let him and Sai celebrate his and aayi’s wedding anniversary.

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