Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Stands Against Chavan’s !

Ninad disowns Virat and asks him not to perform his last right if she dies. Virat is shocked to hear that. Ashwini asks him to leave from there and they don’t need his help or money. Virat says he will deposit his monthly expenses in her account. Omkar says even they have money. Virat says maybe Omkar has business and Ninad gets pension, but they need money for health checkups and hence he will continue his contribution.

Sonali says he shamelessly is having an affair with another woman and is expecting them to accept his charity. Ninad says they don’t need his charity. Virat asks if she is crying for her dead son, he will go away from her vision and memories. Ashwini says Shruti ruined his life and will ruin even his job, he will remember Sai when he will have nothing left in life.’

Bhavani says enough of their drama of ordering their verdict on Virat, she is still head of the family and now they all will listen to her. She takes Virat to Bappa’s idol and says when he was born, she proudly named him Virat Chavan in front of Bappa and took care of him; she was feeling proud when he became a police officer like his uncle Nagesh; she didn’t give him birth, but always considered him as her son; even he considered her more than her aayi, etc.

She says she doesn’t like Sai, but cannot forget her helping Devi marry Pulkit and bring Samrat back home; she always supported Virat since his birth, but today feels he is wrong and hence she wants him to forget Shruti and bring Sai back home today itself, and if he doesn’t obey her, she will feel she gave him a good upbringing and he never considered her as his mother. She says she is not interested in truth or lie, she just wants Sai to get her right as a Chavan bahu and him accept her request.

Virat says Sai herself left Chavan Nivas and will not return back, even he wants Sai to take her own decisions, hence he cannot fulfilling Bhavani’s request and force Sai to return to Chavan Nivas and instead obey his parents and leave this house. Bhavani feels disheartened and says he has grown so big that he didn’t hesitate a bit to reject his kaaku’s request.

Virat says he doesn’t want to explain anymore, they all should take care of themselves and remember that is there for them in need. He asks Mohit to keep in touch and inform him about family’s whereabouts. Ninad says this house has 2 sons, Mohit and Samrat, and they don’t need his charity. Mohit says he always respected Virat, but cannot digest Virat ruining Sai’s life; he should have questioned Shruti when he saw her and Virat in a hotel; he will get Shruti punished and drag her to police station whatever it happens. Virat warns to not cross his limits in anger. Mohit says he crossed all the limits of shame. Virat shouts. Mohit warns not to shout and he cannot shut his mouth just because he is elder to him; he can protect Shruti as much he can, but he cannot save her from him.

After sometime, Virat walks down with his bags. Pakhi asks if he is really leaving home for a woman, he should sort out his differences with family and end this issue right here. Samrat says Virat has already ended his relationship with them and will not stop.

Sonali says there is something special in Shruti that Virat is ready to leave his family for her, she is proud of her Mohit who never lost his morales. Bhavani says they gave good upbringing to all kids and its not their fault if Virat changed. Virat asks everyone to convince Sai and bring her back home once he leaves from here. Samrat asks if he thinks Sai will return so easily.

Mohit says he will not spare Shruti even if he leaves this house. Virat asks him to punish him but not to involve Shruti. Karishma asks what is special in Shruti that he left Sai for her, is she so beautiful. Mohit warns her to shut up. Karishma says he should tell then as he saw Shruti, does she know black magic. Virat warns her to dare not talk against Shruti or else she will repent.

Precap: Samrat asks where will he stay.
Virat says he didn’t think about it when he broke relationship. Bhavani slips and falls down from stairs.

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