Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat’s Efforts to Save His Marriage

Pakhi asks Sai if Virat truly loves Shruti, who are they to stop Virat; anyways, Sai says they are just friends, then there is no reason to get angry. Mohit asks her to stop as Sai is already tensed. Pakhi says she is telling truth. Devi warns her to shut her dirty mouth and asks Samrat why don’t he control his dirty wife who troubles Sai always, she is more insane than her. Ashwini tells Pakhi that she must be enjoying as she doesn’t like Sai, but as a woman should she tolerate if any other woman interferes between her and her husband. Samrat asks Pakhi to stop her dirty thinking and asks what if he has an affair with another woman. Pakhi asks if he also wants to have extramarital affair like his brother and spice up her life. Samrat asks if she is feeling bad just with discussion, imagine how Sai must be feeling. Sai says she is not feeling anything.

Shruti expresses her gratitude towards Virat and says truth is if he wasn’t there, her baby wouldn’t have born. Virat remembers shooting Sada and says if he wasn’t there, Sahas’ father would have been alive. Sai continues crying and asks them to do whatever they want to with Virat, but leave her alone. Samrat says he knows she doesn’t want to listen to anyone, but she should confront Virat as a wife. Sai asks if he wants her to run behind Virat and plead holding his feet to leave Shruti, there was an accident in their lives which led to their marriage and they compromised, but why should only she bear the responsibility. Pakhi thinks now Sai realized her pain. Ashwini asks Sai not to blame herself. Samrat says Shruti must be having some motto and hence entered Virat’s life. Mohit says Shruti knows Virat is married and hence trapped him. Ashwini says they need to find out truth. Devi says Shruti must have manipulated Virat and trapped him. Sai says she doesn’t want to think of anyone else than her. Samrat says Virat is her husband and he knows she is concerned for Virat

Pakhi comments Sai maintained just a friendship with Virat and hence he found love somewhere else. Mohit warns her to stop blaming Sai as its Shruti’s mistake, he will not spare Shruti if he finds her. Sai asks not to blame Shruti as Virat is an adult and knows what he is doing, why only woman is blamed, its completely Virat’s mistake. Samrat says she is right, but Virat doesn’t want to explain anything as he is trapped in a situation which he cannot come out of. Sai says they can do whatever they want to, but she should spare her. Ashwini supports her. Sai says she doesn’t want to stay with Virat and doesn’t want to know with whom he wants to spend his life with, maybe Shruti is Virat’s responsibility, so she has to leave this house. Ashwini asks if she will leave her aayi followed by Mohit, Devi, and Samrat. Sai continues crying and asks them not to question her anymore. Ashwini says they all know its Virat’s mistake and not Sai’s, so Virat will leave this house. Pakhi tries her best to get some expressions on her face, but fails as usual.

Shruti asks Virat to go home as its late night. Virat says he will go once doctor comes and informs what’s in her reports. Shruti apologizes him for bearing the burden of her responsibility. He says responsibility is not a burden and its not her mistake. Shruti says his family wouldn’t like this, especially his wife who must have misunderstood her call. Virat remembers their fight and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Shruti says he is risking his relationship to fulfill his promise made to Sada, she doesn’t want him to pay high for that. She further says she experienced how precious a motherhood is and hopes Sada would have also experienced fatherhood; if she was in Virat’s place, she would have felt that she did right by killing a traitor and just fulfilled his duty, but she is thankful to him for whatever he is doing going against his morales.

Devi and Samrat insist Sai to stay at Chavan nivas. Pakhi asks on what basis and asks Ashwini if she will adopt Sai. Devi says Sai is her friend and will stay with them, Pakhi should go if she has any problem. Samrat says Sai is his sister and hence will stay in her brother’s house. Mohit says Sai is even his sister and hence he will not let her go. Devi taunts Pakhi, and they 5 hug Sai leaving Pakhi frowning. Pakhi comments its good they are supporting Sai as she needs their support after divorce.

Precap: Virat tells Sai that trust is examined when they support a person even when situation is not in their favor. Sai asks him to return to Shruti. He requests her not to go away as he cannot live alone in his room. She says he already found someone to stay with him. He asks her to stop.

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