Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat’s Meltdown ; Harshly Questions Ninad & Aai

Ninad notices Karishma taking tea to Omkar’s room and informs about it to Bhavani. Bhavani says Omkar is angry on them and once he calms down, he will again start having food with them. Sai with Ninad walks down. Pakhi gets jealous seeing them together. Bhavani comments that its good Sai came down for breakfast. Sai says she was bored chatting only with modak and hence came down to chat with them. Virat tries to sit next Sai, but Shivani and Mohit sit next to her to taunt Virat. Samrat joins them and says Sai is in demand today. Sai says she has a demand and says she she will start attending college in a few days, so she needs a scooty for traveling. Virat says that is a good idea. Sai rudely says he wants her to meet with an accident as 2 wheeler driving is most risky. Mohit suggests her to board a sharing rickshaw. Virat says Sai cannot strain herself. Sai rudely comments again and shuts him down. Shivani suggests to hire a cab. Virat agrees even for that. Sai rudely says he wants people to complain that she is wasting her husband’s money. Karishma calls Omkar and Sonali down to watch the drama. Pakhi finding a chance comments that Sai loves to insult Virat. Bhavani and Ninad warn Sai to behave with Virat followed by Ashwini. Virat says everyone misbehaved with Ashwini and ignored her till now, but are bothered when he is misbehaved.

Sai agrees that she with Shivani and Mohit planned to open family’s eyes towards their misbehavior and ignorance towards Ashwini. Virat says aayi is misbehaved because baba/Ninad never respected his wife; he says when its a question of patriotism and fighting for the country, he feels proud of his father, but he feels sad when his baba insults his own wife; baba always misbehaved or ignored Aayi; he and Sai stay in different room, but respect each other and are trying to reconcile their differences. Ashwini asks Virat and Sai if they did all this to fight for her self-respect. Virat agrees that they want baba to respect her. Sai apologizes Ashwini for their act and says she must be feeling bad, but Virat also feels bad when she is insulted. Shivani asks Ninad to speak. Ninad says they are trying to prove him bad. Omkar yells this is a consequence of supporting his DIL, now Virat is also overacting like Sai and Mohit is also supporting them. Sai says Virat is not overacting, they all want Omar, Bhavani, and Ninad to realize their mistake. Bhavani asks why now. Virat says baba didn’t react or comment when Omkar and Sonali insulted aayi, he doesn’t know about them, but he and Sai are hurt.

Bhavani says there is a reason behind Ninad’s silence; Omkar spoke bitter about Ashwini and Ninad didn’t react, why is he questioning them when Ashwini herself didn’t confront them till now. Virat says since he was a child, he saw his aayi being insulted, is it his aayi’s mistake if she didn’t confront them; Bhavani loves his aayi’s prepared food, but insults her; why his baba listens only to Bhavani and not aayi. Everyone’s face is zoomed to show their reaction. Bhavani says if something is going on since years, there is a reason for that; he should ask Ninad why he listens to her and not his wife; everyone are mature enough to take their own decisions. Ashwini says Virat knows what is happening in this house. Ninad warns her not to use misuse the opportunity and try to insult vahini/Bhavani. Virat says aayi will not keep quiet today. Sai says she is sure that nobody except aayi knows about her and baba’s 33rd wedding anniversary. Mohit asks how did she find out about it. Virat says Sai saw aayi and baba’s wedding album. Pakhi (waiting for a chance for her dialogues) comments that Sai is not a musician to find it out. Samrat says though Sai is not a musician, she spread her magic of love and made family realize their misbehavior towards Ashwini. Pakhi says this was not the way Sai should have confronted Ninad. Sai asks how would she feel if Samrat misbehaves with her like baba does with aayi.

Ninad says enough now, he was supporting Sai and went against his brother, but she is opposing him. She says she never dreamt that he would accept her as his bahu and behaves kindly with her, that doesn’t mean he would disrespect with aayi; she loves her aaba and wouldn’t have if he misbehaved with her aayi. Samrat says she is small, but speaks sense. Sai says her life experience taught her to speak sense. Shivani also praises Sai. Virat says Sai told him that when baba doesn’t respect aayi, he will not agree for their wedding anniversary celebration. Ninad says he doesn’t want to remember his wedding day at all as he doesn’t have any feelings for Ashwini.

Precap: Ashwini says there is no need to celebrate a relationship which doesn’t exist at all. Virat asks that means he doesn’t exist at all, why did they bring him on earth when they don’t love each other at all. Ninad says he truly loves Virat. Virat requests him to let him and Sai celebrate his and aayi’s wedding anniversary.

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