Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat’s Obstinate Stand for Shruti Angers Chavan’s

Virat warns Karishma that if she dares to speak against Shruti again, she will repent. Sonali warns him to lower his voice as its their house and not his police station. She says Karishma is right and he is blaming his mistakes on others. Devi confronts Virat again and says she is no more his brother after hurting Sai. Bhavani tells Virat that their house will be defamed if he leaves home.

Virat says he is not bigger than this house and anyways he is a dirty fish who is getting out of pond and cleaning it. Ashwini asks why he is calling himself as a dirty fish. Virat says they asked him to leave, so they shouldn’t blame him. Ninad warns to not blame them for his sins. Pakhi thinks why Virat is leaving house just for another woman. Virat says he will leave now as his cab will arrive.

Pakhi stops him. Samrat asks where will he stay. Virat says its irrelevant to ask where is he stay after breaking their relationship Sonali says his secrets won’t be hidden forever and they all will find out where he will live. Samrat says Sai will never think of harming him, that is the difference between her and other girls.

Virat says he Sai knows how he can lose his job, and if he is proven wrong, he is ready to lose his job. Ashwini says his life is getting ruined by Shruti, but he still wants to stay with her. Ninad says its waste to hit her head to a wall and break it. Bhavani says Virat is doing wrong under Shruti’s influence and will be in deep trouble, then he will remember them and they will not forgive her. Mansi says she feels something is missing and they are not understanding what Virat means. Shivani asks her not to think Virat is good like she thinks.

Virat says he didn’t do anything wrong. Samrat asks why he thinks all his decisions and acts are right. Omkar says he shouldn’t waste his time on Virat as Virat is only interested in Shruti. Virat tells Bhavani that he never forgot her given moral and it will be with her forever. He tries to touch her feet, but she walks back followed by Ninad. Ashwini says she doesn’t know who is taking blessings from her. Virat walks towards door and stops to look at each family member and time spent wit them, greets them with folded hands and walks away. Ashwini shatters seeing that. Devi says she already told that Veeru and Sai shouldn’t separate, now they both left home and don’t know what will happen to them.

Virat visits Shruti. Doctor informs him that his wife’s surgery went well, but she needs more advanced treatment for recovery, so he should get his wife admitted to some big hospital. Virat remembers Sai’s words that he thought that he can escape from her and Pulkit by getting his wife admitted in a faraway hospital, but destiny brought them here and getting Pulkit operate on his wife.

Pakhi at home cries thinking Virat left home, but she had married Samrat and came to this house for Virat; what will she do here without him. Samrat asks what happened to her. She says she is having headache. He vents out his anger on Shruti and says he will meet Shruti and will ask her to stop spare Virat. She asks if he thinks Shruti will listen to him and easily spare Virat.

Bhavani with Ashwini and Sonali visit temple. Sonalil offers snacks to Ashwini. Ashwini says she is not in a mood. Bhavani asks not to look sad and reveal their family issues to everyone. Neighbors walk in and greeting them ask if their bahus didn’t come. Bhavani says they are busy. Neighbors badmouth about Sai. Bhavani thinks she should stop them and not let them ruin her family’s dignity, says Sai is Ashwini’s wife.

Neigbors asks if its true that Sai left home repeatedly. Sonali reveals Sai is very arrogant and mannerless and threatened to divorce Virat. Bhavani says they should concentrate on pooja and not gossip here. Neighbors say this will not change the fact, her bahu will surely send divorce papers, and comments on Ashwini that she couldn’t control her bahu. Ashwini warns them to dare not speak ill about her bahu. They ask if her son is at mistake and say definitely he must be behind another woman. Bhavani warns them to stop. They all continue to humiliate Bhavani, leaving her burn in anger.

Precap: Bhavani gets angry on family, walks towards her room, slips from stairs and falls down severely injured. Family rush her to hospital. Sonali is shocked to see Virat with Shruti and her baby there.

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