Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th June 2024 : Patil Plots Against Ishaan!

Bhosale family continues to play a game. Durva spins a bottle and it stops at Ishaan. Chinmay says he will question Ishaan and asks who is his favourite person in the world. Ishaan says Savi. Savi tells Shukla that the Pune city gave her a lot, a family with Shukla and Sandhya, she will never forget them, she will be shifting to another city, her tea shop equally belongs to them and they shall run it from hereon. Sandhya says she will miss her. Savi hugs them both. Shukla asks her teach him what she mixes in tea.

Savi video calls Vaiju and asks her to send her tea recipe to Shukla. Vaiju says she herself is coming there with her recipe. Savi asks why her eyes look like she didn’t sleep whole night, did she fall in love again. Vaiju says for her, love is like running behind her friend Saleem’s hen which can’t be caught at all. Savi gives her moral gyaan regarding love and comforts Vaiju. Once Vaiju disconnects call, Harini says she is giving advice on love for someone, why don’t she herself follow it. She says she already told that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Durva asks Ishaan if Savi is his favourite. Surekha says Ishaan had to lie, he defeated Durva in her own game, she is hisfavorite person in the whole world. Durva says Reeva will take her place soon. Surekha says she happily will give her position to Reeva and praises Ishaan for keeping the family united by sacrificing his own happiness. She happily hugs him. Whole family then sings and dances on Ek Dusre se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum.. song. Surekha prays god to protect her family from evil eyes.

Patil with his team of Kiran and Mandar reaches outside Bhosale institute. Patil says they need to massacre and gives them guns. Mandar says he used to play with guns in Ramtek. Kiran says he is an engineer and knows how machine parts work. Patil says the will destroy whole Bhosale institute. A worker confuses them as labors and asks them to get back to work. They lift boxes and get into institute.

Next day, Ishaan gets ready as a groom. YRB says his son is looking a handsome Marathi groom. Surekha performs his aarti and blesses him to be always happy with Reeva. Ishaan touches Nishi’s feet. Nishi says let’s go to pick up the bride. Savi seeks blessings from god and her parents before going for exam and then touches Harini’s feet and takes her blessings. Harini gives her hall ticket and blesses her to get good marks in exam. Savi leaves to meet Shukla and others before going to exam.

Harini prays god to protect Savi and thinks she forgot to feed sweet curd to Savi. Durva gets Reeva ready as a bride and says she is looking very beautiful, Ishaan will be mesmerised. Swati sees her next and performs her nazar. Reeva drops sindhoor bottle on wedding card by mistake and gets upset. Swati asks her not to worry as it’s just a card and takes her to wash her face.

Ishaan hugs Chinmay and says he knows Chinmay is there for him always. Chinmay says if he trusts him, then he shouldn’t sacrifice his life like this. Ishaan says it’s too late now. Surekha asks Ishaan to get into car. Ishaan gets into car. Nishi says Ishaan is too eager to marry Reeva. Ishaan sits in car and asks musicians to play Mujhse Shadi Karogi.. song. Reeva calls Ishaan if he everything would be alright. Ishaan says he is already in car, there won’t be anything wrong this time. Durva pulls Reeva’s legs and says Ishaan would be eager to see her. Anvi looks upset and calls Shantanu. Surekha takes her phone and asks her to join baraat. Anvi hopes Shantanu and Ishaan reach here and stop Ishaan’s wedding. Isha gets upset when she doesn’t get airport clearance. Shantanu asks her to relax and try to call Ishaan and stop the wedding.

Shukla gifts a pen to Savi and wishes her all the best. Savi walks into the college and gets upset seeing Ishaan and Reeva’s wedding cutouts. She hears students praising Ishaan and Reeva’s jodi. She notices a live wire and thinks it’s a light connection. Patil’s aide calls him and says he has converted whole Bhosale institute into a live bomb. Ishaan’s baraat reaches with family dancing in front of the car. Nishi drags Ishaan to join them. Savi gets more upset seeing Ishaan dancing. Do Pal Ruka Khwabon Ka Karwaan.. song plays in the background. Savi notices Ishaan. Ishaan notices Savi and smiles imagining her as a bride smiling at him. Nishi takes him away.

Chinmay thinks why haven’t Ishaan’s parents reached yet to stop him. Shantanu and Ishaan head towards wedding venue in a call and try to contact Anvi. Anvi thinks Surekha kept her phone in a car, she needs to take it and Shantanu. Surekha stops her and asks her to go and attend Shikha and let her bring her phone. She searches for phone, finds it ringing, and is shocked to see Shantanu’s call.

Precap: Harini bumps on Patil’s aide Kiran and identifies him. Surekha tells YRB that his brother is coming to stop the wedding, she will not let anyone stop Ishaan and Reeva’s wedding.

Update Credit to: MA

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