Imlie : & a Leap After, Imlie Marches Ahead !

TV show Imlie is finally headed for a five-year leap. After many twists and turns, and Imlie (Sumbul Touqeer) facing a number of hurdles the show will move ahead by five years.

After the leap Imlie will play mother to a five-year-old girl. A source from the production house said, “There wasn’t much left to explore in the show except Aryan (Fahmaan Khan) and Imlie’s journey ahead. And after a certain point, the entire game of the antagonist and the protagonist, and how the lead actress saves herself from each situation gets monotonous. So a leap has been planned and now the focus will be on Imlie and her daughter.”

After the leap, Sumbul will play mother to a five-year old daughter Cheeni in the show. Imlie will lose her own child and both Imlie and Aryan will become parents to their adopted daughter Cheeni.

The show revolves around the journey of a young village girl who pursues her dream of becoming a journalist. The show stars Sumbul Touqeer and Fahmaan Khan playing important roles. Gashmeer Mahajani, who played Aditya in the show quit a few months ago, as he wanted to pursue other projects. In an earlier interview, he said, “Leena Gangopadhyay’s story ended after the initial 400 episodes, then there was not much to explore for me as an actor.”

The show also has actors Gayatri Deshmukh, Rajshri Rani, Gaurav Mukesh and Jyoti Gauba playing important roles in the show. Currently, Gayatri Deshmukh and Jyoti Gauba are again back in the show to play antagonists.

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