Imlie: Aditya Arrested !!

Aditya asks Imlie to return his pen drive. Imlie says its not with her. He says he needs to send it to office. She thinks how to tell Pranav took it and goes to get it. Malini sensing an opportunity walks to Adi and asks if he is getting irritated seeing a mob, she had asked Imlie to invite only listed guests, but she loves gathering mob. Sundar gives him a file. Adi tells Malini that she is misunderstanding, he is happy that whole locality is celebrating festival together because of Imlie. Malini asks if he saw how rudely Imlie speaks with Pranav. Adi says Pranav is not a good man, Imlie just wants keep everyone happy, she didn’t ask Malini to go when her and his relationship was revealed, Imlie is careless but not insensible. Malini says she showed maturity instead. Adi says she is wrong that Imlie didn’t favor her, she should continue to show her maturity.

Imlie prays god to help her get pen drive back from Pranav. Policemen thank Tripathis for inviting them in pooja. Pranav thinks don’t know how Imlie found out pen drive is with him, he should use Imlie’s invited police against her to escape from here. He calls commissioner and informs that he knows about a big drug deal. Inspector informs Adi that there is a drug shipment at their house and someone is dealing with drugs here. T family is shocked to hear that. Aparna says this is pooja house and he is mistaken. Adi says let police clear their misunderstanding and takes them to search his room first. Pranav walks out of house with pendrive. Imlie stops him and asks if he is stealing Adi’s pendrive. Pranav says he already did, she doesn’t know who he is.

Police finds drugs in Adi’s room and arrests him. Pankaj and Aparna plead that their son is a journalist and innocent. Imlie realizes Pranav planted drugs in Adi’s room. Police asks Adi to cooperate. Adi assures Aparna that nothing will happen to him as he is being framed and will be free and walks away with police. Rupali requests Pranav to use his contacts and bail out Adi. Pranav says he has left that job and lost his contacts. Malini blames Imlie for calling unknown people home and getting Adi into trouble. Aparna supports Imlie and says its not her mistake as she just invited guests for pooja. Malini goes to inform Dev.
Pranav says he will go and use his contacts to free Adi. Imlie insists him to stay with family and call his contacts. Harish decides to visit police station with seniors in his car and asks Pranav to drive another car. Imlie insists to accompany Pranav and challenges him that he will be in jail soon.

Dev gets Malini’s call and informs Mithi that Adi is arrested in drug possession case. Anu laughs that Adi must be taking drugs, hence he fell for a servant instead of Malini. Dev warns him to be in her senses. Anu taunts senior servant Mithi that if Malini cannot get Adi, even Imlie cannot. Mithi tears her sari pallu and forcefully shuts her mouth. Dev grins and says he can watch what he couldn’t do.

At police station, inspector tells T family that Adi has to be in lockup for the time being and they should find evidence and prove Adi innocent. Pranav gets MLA’s call and disconnects it repeatedly, he thinks he needs to meet MLA soon and give him pendrive. Imlie thinks she needs to stop Pranav in police station somehow till she proves Adi innocent. She clashes with Pranav purposefully and fights with him. Police arrests them both and puts them behind bars in Adi’s jail cell. Adi is shocked to see them and asks what happened. Imlie says she stopped a thief from escaping and tells Pranav that she already told him that she will send him behind bars.

Precap: Imlie signals Adi that Pranav is hiding pendrive in his pocket.

Update Credit to: MA

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