Imlie : Aditya Gets Drunk ; Aditya & Aryan’s Past Connection

Imlie enters guest room and seeing a bathrobe wears it and starts her jokergiri mimicking and jumping on bed. She then starts crying remembering Adi. Aryan thinks he didn’t want to bring Imlie home, but couldn’t leave her on footpath; don’t know what else has life in store for him. Imlie cries more thinking why Adi doesn’t trust her and considers her wrong by trusting others, who will tell her what should she do. She changes her dress back. Adi enters her room via window.

She asks why did he come here, isn’t he afraid to enter someone’s house uninformed. He says he didn’t want to create mockery of their relationship in someone else’s house; insists her to return home with him. She says she will not until he sends Malini out of house. He says he can’t at this stage and asks why is she staying here when Aryan doesn’t even respect her. She says at least she is staying here as a guest by paying rent while Adi took her home as a servant. Their argument ensues. She shouts he lost right to question her after he trusted Malini and not her, etc..

Aryan enters Arvind’s room and looking at the news cutout of his fire accident fumes that he will not spare a person who is responsible for Arvind’s death. He goes into flashback where Arvind’s factory workers go on strike. Adi as reporter questions Arvind wrongly and alleges him of snatching workers’ rights. Aryan watching news with Arpita fumes seeing that. They rush to factory where they see workers lynching Aryan and setting his car on fire. Aryan dies in a fire accident.

Out of flashback, Aryan determines to punish Adi because of whom Arvind died. Adi gets angry and walks out to confront Aryan for keeping his wife at his house. Imlie tries to stop him. Aryan opens door hearing door bell and sees police. Inspector informs that his neighbor complained that someone barged into his home, so they want to check. Aryan says his family’s safety is important to him and asks him not to disturb his sister and mother if possible. Adi is about to call Aryan when Imlie shuts his mouth and warns him that if he doesn’t go from here, she will return back to Pagdandiya and he will never see her face again.

Adi walks away frustrated. Aryan sees Imlie and asks what is she doing outside. Imlie gets tensed and says she will pay his rent tomorrow. He says its not for her and asks her to return to her room. Inspector apologizes Aryan for disturbing him at night due to wrong information. Aryan notices Adi leaving. Inspector asks if he saw something. Aryan says no and thinks he will not get Adi arrested for a small mistake and will wait for a bigger one.

On the other side, Malini over phone informs Anu that Imlie is staying in Aryan’s house and Adi has gone to bring her back. Aparna hears that and asks why she is has problem if Adi has gone to bring his wife back. Imlie says Adi’s career may be at stake because of Imlie’s issues, Imlie will escape as she is Aryan’s friend now, but Adi will lose his job. Aparna asks why Aryan will object if a husband goes to meet his wife. Aparna gets convinced and leaves. Anu calls Malini and informs that she sent police to Aryan’s house, but police didn’t find Adi there. Malini says all her plans fail and hopes Adi doesn’t bring Imlie back home.

Adi returns home heavily inebriated. Aparna asks why didn’t he bring Imlie along. Adi says Imlie will not come back as she is happy with another man and doesn’t want to return back. Seniors don’t believe him. Adi laughs and says only they stay in this house and not the one who had come from somewhere. He falls down on floor and murmurs that Imlie loves a lavish mansion and not their small house which looks like a hut for her, she has her rich boss with her now.

Family lifts him up. He picks liquor bottle from his bag. Aparna breaks it and shouts that he made a mistake by letting Imlie go and not bringing her back. Malini stops her and says Adi never touches alcohol, but did today because of Imlie. Aparna shouts her to shut up and stop supporting her friend. Adi breaks his and Imlie’s photo and says its weak like their relationship. Aparna slaps him.

Precap: Adi notices Imlie driving Aryan’s car and says first she became friend, then driver, and then personal assistant. She says instead of praising her for driving a big car, he is criticizing her.

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