Imlie: Aditya Goes on a Dangerous Assignment

Aryan informs his team that they are going to launch a big news channel for which they need a big news, there is a big risk involved in it, whoever will go for the interview will give them information of each minute. Aditya says he will get this interview. Aryan thinks he knew that if he challenged Aditya’s competency, he himself would agree.

Imlie remembers Aditya in trouble earlier and says even she will go as she has a few questions for such terrorists. Aditya says she should stay here and interview celebrities and cover their news, Aryan should give him terrorist’s address. Aryan says Pagdandiya/PGD. Imlie says PGD is her village. Aryan says one doesn’t need to know the place for this interview but prior experience which Adi has. Adi agrees and says he will bring this interview.

Aparna expresses her concern for Imlie with Pankaj and says Imlie cannot alone take care of her expenses, so why don’t they do some investment in Imlie’s name. He agrees, calls Harish, and asks him to make some investment in Imlie’s name out of their big investment. Harish remembers his huge debt and says he doesn’t remember it and will find out when he visits a bank sometime later. Pankaj thinks what happened to him. Aparna says bhaisab remembers policy numbers of each family member.

Imlie think she would punish a terrorist who is killing people in the name of revolution, dadda never did that, she is worried for Aditya. Aryan thinks let Aditya go there and get into trouble. Malini informs family that Aditya is going on a new assignment. Pankaj asks about Aditya’s new assignment. Malini says she doesn’t know. Aditya returns home.

Harish asks him where is he going. He gives him a rude reply. Aparna warns him to behave with tauji and asks where is he going. He says PGD. Family panics and denies to send him there. Imlie speaks to Meethi over phone and requests her to watch after Aditya. Meethi denies and says she didn’t forgive Aditya for what he did with Imlie. Imlie requests and asks if the new terrorist is from Dadda’s team. Meethi says no and nobody is bothered about poor after Satyakam’s arrest.

Arpita and Sundar meet each other while buying fruit and vegetables. Sundar gets happy seeing her and goes into his romantic mood. He asks her if there is no one to buy grocery for her. She says Aryan does, but he is busy now. He teaches her how to check vegetable and imagines singing a duet with her. Vegetable vendor gets him out of imagination. Arpita says if his music class is over, she will leave as maa is waiting for her. He feels immensely happy.

Imlie prays Seeta maiya to protect Aditya and thinks of visiting T house and giving the idol to him. She sees servant telling Arpita that its not their grocery bag. Arpita says she exchanged her bag with Sundar’s bag. Imlie excitedly picks bag and rushes out to T house. Arpita says Imlie is still eager to visit T house. Narmada says Imlie is emotionally attached to its people.

Aditya walks out with his bags while Malini tries to stop him and he gets adamant. Aparna blesses him before leaving. When he opens main door, he finds Imlie and asks what why did she come here. She says she came to give him notes and hands him over a file with Seeta maiya’s idol hidden in it. Aditya takes it and walks away. Imlie returns home.

Aryan confronts her for going to visit Aditya and asks why she is worried for Aditya when he betrayed her. She says she is not. He asks why did she give her devimaa’s idol to Aditya. She asks how does he know. He says he keeps track of her each belonging. She says he should understand his concern and feelings then.

Aditya enters PGD. Villagers discuss that he shamelessly came back to their village after divorcing Imlie. Dulari calls him. He touches her feet. She warns him to dare not touch her, yells at him for betraying Imlie, and provokes villagers to punish him. Villagers are about to hit him when Meethi enters and protects him.

Precap: Aryan informs Imlie that if Aditya brings interview in 24 hours, company will make profits or else Aditya will fail in his assignment. Imlie says he will not fail and she is sure he will bring terrorist’s interview in 24 hours. They both watch something on screen, and Imlie thinks why did Adi do this.

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