Imlie : Aditya Imlie ka Tashan !

Aryan attends editor’s orientation meeting with interns. Editor says they have 5 interns, only 4 are present, where is Imlie. Imlie enters disguised as peon and thinks she can do anything to reach her destiny. Intern says Imlie is standing near gate and greeting everyone.

Arya says its not necessary that one who reaches gate will reach destiny, for that one needs to select right destiny and path; they should continue their meeting without Imlie. He walks towards Imlie and without noticing her picks tea and returns to his seat. Editor says they should write down their idea and whoever’s idea is good, they will print it in news paper. Interns keep their papers and walks out. Imlie keeps her paper. Aryan asks what is he doing. He says cleaning. Aryan walks out asking her to keep the papers right there. He notices Adi and says its good he attended office at last. Adi notices Imlie and asks her to bring tea to his cabin. She tries to leave hiding her face. He notices her face and asks if she is serving tea after cleaning car. She says she attended orientation. He leaves.

After sometime, peon gives ID card to Imlie. Imlie gets happy seeing it and thinks of sharing her happiness with Adi, she walks to him remembering leaving his house. He asks if she wants to say something. She walks back emotionally. Aryan notices her. Peon informs him that he gave Imlie her ID card.

Imlie sits in a corner and cries looking at her ID card; she thinks its her first step towards her goal, she is very happy but also sad that she doesn’t have any dear one to celebrate with her except Seeta maiya. Editor takes interns’ ideas to Aryan and says he liked one idea and they can publish the article. Aryan checks and asks being a journalist how can he be so careless, 4 interns attended orientation and there are 5 papers. Editor says he is right. Aryan says he knows who kept this 5th paper.

Tripathis decide to meet Imlie. Pankaj and Harish say they will visit her first while Rupali and Nishant insist they will first. Aparna says whoever goes should take her prepared laddoos for Imlie. Malini watches their discussion. At Aryan’s house, Narmada gets her relative’s son’s wedding invitation and asks Arpita when will her son marry. Arpita says its difficult. Narmada says she should have given some false hope at least and asks if he Aryan had any girlfriend in college. Arpita says he is khadoos.

Imlie happily decorates her desk singing in her usual style. Aryan walks in and asks who wrote an article why not many women are in top position at work. Imlie nervously raises hand. Adi thinks she is nervous even after writing such a good article. Aryan asks why did she enter board room without his permission. Adi interferes and says Imlie has courage and has qualities of becoming a good journalist, etc.

Aryan asks who asked him to interfere and says Imlie is in a hurry to reach her destiny, she should finish article by morning. Adi asks how can she in such a hurry. Imlie says she will. Adi insists her to let him help, but she denies. Back at T house, Malini mixes sleeping pills in laddoos. Pankaj and Harish ask Aparna to give them laddoos for Imlie. Aparna walks in and takes laddoos away. Malini hiding thinks she helplessly had to do this to get back her old life from Imlie.

Precap: Imlie tells Adi that when Ramji couldn’t guarantee keeping Seeta maiya happy, there is no guarantee for anything in this world. He says her ego shouldn’t hurt if he mentors he with editor’s permission. She asks why he misunderstands her always, can’t she think differently from him.

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