Imlie : Aditya is Imlie’s Mentor !

Aryan orders Imlie to finish her report on her selected topic by tomorrow 8 a.m. and submit to him. Adi asks how will she finish such a big article in such a short span. Imlie says she will to create an identity for herself. Adi walks away angrily asking her to do whatever she wants to.

Imlie sits on desk seeking Seeta maiya’s help and unable to open laptop thinks of writing the article on paper. Editor walks to Adi and asks how can Imllie finish such a big assignment by tomorrow and asks him to mentor her. He further informs Imlie that Adi will mentor her and asks them both not to fight. He then walks into Aryan’s cabin and asks if he doesn’t think he is too strict to Imlie. Aryan says no, he wants to make Imlie realize there is a difference between college assignment and news paper artcile. He then asks about their tomorrow’s newspaper headline. Editor says Aditya wrote a good article about corporate houses stealing taxes. Aryan asks where is Adi now. Editor says he is mentoring Imlie.

At T house, Aparna gives laddoo box to Harish and Pankaj and asks them to give it to Imlie and not finish themselves. Harish asks why would he steal from a child’s box. Aparna says she will accompany and spy on them. Radha says she will also cheat like her father. Rupali says she was going for phone repair and thought of meeting Imlie on the way. Nishant says he will get phone repaired. Malini remembers breaking Imlie’s phone when she records her crime and thinks she will be in trouble the video is leaked.

Aditya takes Imlie to a business house Malik Enterprises’ office and says its CEO is not from Malik family and reached her destiny via her hard work, so he brought her to take CEO’s interview. Imlie notices a roadside female tea vendor and says she will take her interview. Adi says he already took CEO’s appointment and guarantees her article will be good with that interview. Imlie says when Ramji couldn’t guarantee Seeta maiya’s hapiness, there is no guarantee of anything in this world. He says he just wants her to use his 10-year experience and is helping on editor’s order, so he hopes she doesn’t take it on her ego. She asks why he thinks she argues with him to get her things done, why can’t she think herself, his duty as a mentor is to advice and accepting it is her wish, she is a woman since 19 years and her gut feeling is always right, so he shouldn’t take it on his ego.

She walks to lady and buying tea asks lady what she does in tea shop. Lady says she brings grocery and prepares tea and maggi. Imlie then asks Lady’s husband what he does. He says he handles cash. Imlie asks aunty does all the work and he takes money. He asks how will she handle calculation. Imlie asks without calculating grocery expenses, how will aunt buy it; he just enjoys her hard work. He says he is her husband and boss. Imlie asks since when they are running this tea stall. He says 6 years. Lady says 7 years, earlier he used to work in opposite office as a watchman and since he lost job, she thought of opening a tea stall in front of office and do the work which she usually does at home.

Imlie says its her idea and her husband became her boss instead. She tells Adi that many women like aunty are unknown and can’t be found in big offices. She asks lady why she couldn’t become a boss. Lady says she just wants someone to consider as equal and if she had studied, she would have been working somewhere else and if her husband had trusted her, she would have handled tea stall and her husband would have worked somewhere else. Imlie suggests she should leave a person who doesn’t trust her, thanks her and leaves after paying for tea. Adi says he will drop her to hostel. She walks away saying when she can stay alone, she can go alone.

Imlie reaches hostel murmuring. Harish and Pankaj visit her. Imlie gets happy seeing them. Harish jokes and makes her laugh. Pankaj asks how is her work going. She says its good, but boss is troublesome. Harish says he will scold Adi. Imlie says her boss is different who is very strict and ordered her to finish a big article by morning. They congratulate her for getting a chance to badmouth her boss and say boss will calm down seeing her hard work. They then offer her Aparna’s prepared laddoos.

She says these will give her strength to work whole night. They wish her good luck and leave. At Aryan’s house, Arpita and Narmada show him girls’ pics and insist him to get married or have a girlfriend to end his loneliness. He says he is not lonely and remembers Imlie. Arpita says he thought of someone, who is she. He says he gave work to someone and was thinking if she finished it or not. Imlie falls asleep after having hypnotic medicine laced laddoos.

At T-house, Adi tries to write down article. Malini walks to him and asks why he looks tensed. He says his CEO gave a big assignment to Imlie, he is worried that she may not complete it on time. Malini smriking remembering mixing hypnotic drug in laddoos and says she enquired about Aryan who is a rich eligible bachelor. He asks why she is enquiring about his boss. She says she feels like as seeing Imlie’s nature who befriends rich people and moves on with them, maybe that is the way she makes relationships. He gets more tensed. Malini thinks he will doubt on Imlie more now, Imlie’s dreams must have shattered by now. Imlie is seen still sleeping.

Precap: Imlie sitting on Aryan’s chair mimics him and falls down from chair. Aryan enters and notices her.

Update Credit to: MA

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