Imlie : Aditya to Marry Malini !

Aditya stops his bike in traffic signal and gets lost in thoughts remembering Aryan confessing his love for Imlie and planning to marry her. Signal lights turn green and vehicle drivers behind him horn him, but he is lost in thoughts. One of them alerts him and rudely asks if he is lost in his wife’s thoughts. Adi starts fighting with him. Aparna goes to temple, complains Devimaa against Malini, and asks Devimaa why herself being a mother troubling a mother.

Narmada walks to her and asks if her donkey/son did something again. Aparna says he went to bring back his wife, but got separated instead. Narmada says she cannot understand young generation, her daughter says its better to separate than fighting, but their generation believe in staying together. Aparna nods yes. Narmada says the sweet and tangy/khatti meethi girl she talked about is also is also going through a lot of deep pain. Aparna says their children should discuss their pain with their mother at least.

Aryan notices Imlie crying lost in thoughts instead of working. He calls her and asks her to go home. She says she came to work. He says if she wants to stare at a wall instead of working, she can do it at home also. She says she was sitting in front of his cabin. He shows newspaper article regarding her and says this wrong news by a so called morale journalist will not prove her wrong, its just a frustration of wrong and coward person. She says she knows Adi made a mistake by writing this article, but he is not a bad person. He asks her to stop defending Adi and shows news of Adi fighting with mob. She gets worried and tries to rush out. He stops her. She says why he is trying to control her, wanted her to go a minute ago and wants her to stay back now. He says asked her to give time to herself and not a coward journalist. She says she is not thinking about herself at this time and walks away to meet Adi.

Malini notices Aditya returning home and walks down murmuring she already took a decision. Aparna asks where is she going. Malini says to meet her gynecologist. Aparna stops her and says she told she will rethink about her decision. Rupali taunts if Malini wants to move on, her family will find a suitable match for her. Malini says she is saying this as she is not going through her situation, why don’t she marry someone as is also at her parent’s house since long. Rupali warns her to stop victimizing herself.

Adi walks in injured. Rupali asks if he fought with someone or Imlie’s boss. Adi says he didn’t speak to anyone as Aryan was busy planning his future with Imlie. Malini says Imlie is doing right and not like her to be stuck at one place, she feels as if her sky will fall on her and if that is the case, let it fall on her at once; she took a right decision and will not back off. Aparna asks her to think again as this family’s expectations and name is linked with this baby. Malini says not with her and her baby will not have a father’s name, she is ready to become her baby’s murderer instead of calling it illegitimate. Adi says he is with her and will take care of her and her baby. She says when he cannot accept her as wife, why should she be stuck; when Imlie can move on with a new partner, why can’t she abort her baby and move on; when they all can support Imlie, she is sure they will support even her.

Imlie reaches T house (after a marathon run) and calls Adi. Adi and whole family walks towards her. Adi asks why did she return here. She says she came for her. He says he is alive without her. Aryan reaches there and orders Imlie to get into his car and accompany him. Adi taunts Imlie if they cannot stay separate even for a minute. Imlie says she wants to speak. He says even he wants to and says he is to marrying Malini and asks her to return divorce papers when she has moved on. Imlie stands shocked hearing that. He asks Aryan to tell Imlie to divorce him. Aryan picks papers from Imlie’s bag and gives her pen.

Adi says they both are in a hurry and even he is, she should sign papers and forgive him. Imlie says she should seek forgiveness of his family for giving them false hopes. She apologizes for not understanding his and Malini’s relationship and believing that he loved her, maybe he loved her and trusted only Malini. She continues venting out her frustration and apologizes herself for trusting Adi more than herself and not trusting herself, etc. She continues that he told she has moved on, but she is still standing at door and he has moved on with Malini. She signs divorce papers, hands them over to him, wishes him happy marriage, and walks away with Aryan.

Precap: Aryan orders Imlie to cover a high profile page 3 wedding. Imlie asks whose wedding. Anu says her daughter Malini’s with Aditya. Imlie denies. Anu gives Aryan a blank cheque and asks to think again.

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