Imlie : Aditya’s Body Goes Missing ! Imlie Searches Desperately for Aditya

Tripathis watch news and are shocked to her about an unidentified dead body. They panic thinking it must be of Adi, Imlie, or Aryan. Rupali says nothing will happen to bhai. Anu walks in and asks what happened. Harish informs her about rescue team finding a dead body in bomb blast area. Anu stands shocked. Narmada gets concerned for Aryan.

Aparna assures her that nothing will happen to their children. Anu asks how can she be so careless and console someone when her own son’s life is in danger, she fears that Adi is dead and Malini became a widow. Aparna shouts not to say that. Anu says maybe servant Imlie is dead. Pankaj shouts at her to stop. Aparna shouts next that Imlie is her daughter and she will not tolerate Anu badmouthing about her children.

Rescue team brings injured Imlie on a stretcher. She falls down and crawls towards a dead body and finds its Aatank’s dead body. Inspector discusses that 4 people were in blast area, but only 3 are found and 1 must have blasted into pieces. Imlie collapses hearing that.

Meethi reaches hospital hearing worried for Imlie and relaxes seeing her alive on hospital bed. She shakes Imlie and pleads to open her eyes. Nurse asks her to let the patient rest. Imlie holds Meethi’s hand, opens eyes, and asks about Aditya. Nurse informs that one person is missing.

Imlie asks name. Nurse says she doesn’t name of one who is being treated and another who is missing. She asks who is the person getting treatment and notices Aryan unconscious in next bed. She panics realizing Aditya is missing and says she will go and search Babusaheb. Nurses stop her and try to inject hypnotic, but she pushes them and runs away.

Tripathi further watch news that Chandlal was terrorist Aatank who is dead now, Imlie and Aryan are wounded and are getting treatment in hospital, Aditya is missing and is predicted to be dead. They all shatter hearing that. Anu shouts at Tripathis that servant Imlie is safe in a hospital with her boyfriend and couldn’t save Aditya.

Malini panics and shouts nothing can happen to Aditya and breaks TV. Anu consoles her and asks her to think about her baby. Aparna says nothing will happen to Aditya. Malini asks if her baby will meet its papa or not. Aparna says Aditya is fine as Imlie is with him and reminds that Imlie saved Aditya many times. Malini shouts that Aditya’s life is in danger since Imlie came in his life. Aparna says she completely trusts Imlie.


Inspector briefs his superior that a girl is saved, but a man is missing. Imlie reaches blast venue. Inspector asks her to return to hospital. Imlie asks if they found Aditya. Inspector says not yet, they will inform her once his dead body is found. Imlie pulls his gun and threatens to shoot them if they try to stop her.

Aryan takes gun from her and returns it to inspector. Imlie says she will search Aditya. Aryan holds her and says he is not here. She resists and bites his hand. He hugs her tightly, and she cries vigorously. Meethi reaches there. Imlie asks her to inform everyone that only she brings Aditya back every time. Aditya permits her.

Precap: Anu asks Tripathis why they are forcing Malini to prepare food for a person who is dead and asks her to come with her as Tripathis never cared for her and will give a second-hand treatment to even her baby.
Malini walks away with Anu.

Update Credit to: MA

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