Imlie : Aditya’s Tantrum’s & Conditions ; Imlie’s Firm Stand !

Imlie confronts Aditya that he trusts only Malini even now, she will not give any explanation and doesn’t want to listen about Malini again. Adi says she should leave him permanently and shouldn’t return. Imlie blames Malini again for their differences. Adi says problem started when Aryan entered her life. Imlie says Aryan she doesn’t love Aryan and what should she do to convince him. Adi asks to leave Aryan and never meet him again, they both will stay together without anyone’s interference like before. He asks her to promise that she will never take Aryan’s name in her life and permanently get him out of his life. She says he is supporting his ex-wife who openly expressed her love for him and doesn’t want to leave her, but he wants her to leave a purpose who supported her both financially and emotionally and gave her a shelter and food; he wants her to sacrifice her professional life and live with him as his wife, its better if he stays happily with his wife and child from hereon.

Anu confronts Tripathis for not inviting her for postwedding rituals. Pankaj taunts her that she always entered their house uninvited. Rupali says just like she is an uninvited guest today. Anu checks wedding pics and says nobody is smiling in them, so she can’t let them print. Aryan replies that even her son-in-law is not smiling in his forceful marriage, she can see his tears in closeup view. Anu say whatever. Rupali says she can’t smile in a forceful wedding. Malini says if the family is unhappy its her duty to make them happy, anyways a big hurdle is out of their lives now and they can be happy. Anu says Imlie is not a hurdle but their daughter. family member watch their pics and thank Imlie for taking care of them like a true daughter. Aparna says she will not thank her daughter and will send her out to fly high and show her haters how high she can fly. Imlie walks away smiling remembering the quality spent with Tripathis and their immense love for her.

Malini tells Anu that she told Aditya that whoever sent her divorce papers, he and Imlie signed them; Aditya will realize that his and Imlie’s relationship was just an infatuation and he is out of it now. Anu hopes Aryan doesn’t pose a problem. Malini says Aryan will try to clear Imlie and Aditya’s differences, but she will not let that happen. Anu fears how Aditya will react after knowing truth. Aditya enters his room and seeing suhagraat decoration angrily destroys it. Malini tries to stop him. He says she betrayed him. She says Imlie was found with Aryan in a room, and he is calling her a betrayer instead. He says he doesn’t know all that and just wants to go away from here. She says he betrayed her last time by keeping her in dark and marrying her and now again he married her and wants to leave her, where he wants to go now.

Aryan looks at his BIL’s fire accident file and thinks he thought Aditya is an irresponsible and cheap professional, but he is more cheap personally; he will destroy Aditya for ruining other’s lives. Editor walks in and asks if he called him. Aryan asks if there is any challenging assignment. Editor says there is one, a new rebel is born in a village and all news agencies want to interview him but are afraid due to threat for their life. Aryan says Aditya is expert in such assignments. Editor says it may not be good for Aditya. Aryan says let Aditya decide. Editor walks to Aditya and seeing his injured hand asks how he incurred a new injury. Aditya says its an old injury but new mark. Imlie noticing asks him to stop troubling himself. He gives his usual reply.

Aryan calls his team to his cabin and shows rebel’s video where he threatens to take revenge from police and system if he is stopped. Imlie says whoever he is just wants publicity. Aryan says he has 31 murder cases on the rebel and taking his interview is a dangerous task, Bhaskar times will expand from print media to electronic with a news channel launch for which they need a big news; they all have families and whoever takes this news will stay away from family risking his/her life. Aditya says he will bring this interview. Imlie remembers Aditya risking his life before and her rescuing him.

Precap: Imile says she has a few questions for the terrorist. Aditya asks her not to trouble herself and let him go, he asks location of the terrorist. Aryan says Pagdandiya.

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