Imlie : Aryan Declares Marriage with Imlie ; Aditya Shocked !

Imlie is very upset as she studies the divorce papers. She gets flashbacks of many scenes… Adi giving her divorce and Narmada asking her to marry Aryan.

Arpita and Narmada then come to meet her and find her very upset. Narmada apologizes for being ignorant about Imlie’s marital status. Imlie reveals she was separated from husband and they wanted to break up marriage. Arpita and Narmada advise her to do adjustments in marriage. Marriages have to be made to last, they will not last on their own. Narmada tells Imlie to remember her marriage and neither allow her husband to forget it. She better save her marriage. Imlie then recollects Aryan reminding her to find her own sunshine, Imlie rises and runs. She wants to go to Adi and clear all misunderstand for once n for all.

Aryan notices Imlie and asks her, Imlie reveals her intentions. Aryan thinks Aditya will never return back to Imlie’s life and that was Aditya’s karma. Aryan badmouths Aditya.

Imlie reaches Tripathi house and rings the bell. She finds the morning newspaper waiting there, she picks it up and reads the headlines that Adi-Imlie relationship was ended. Imlie gets teary eyed.
Adi comes and Imlie questions him for publishing something private about her with out her consent. Adi says if she was not bothered to bolt the door when she was having close private moments with Aryan. If she was not bothered about privacy why should he? She was no more welcome to this house, because she herself had stated she will never return. So why was she her? Asks her never to enter this house again. Shuts the door on her face. Imlie gets shocked and she staggers and falls. She rises again and stares at the closed door.

Pankam asks who was at the door, Adi replies someone had lost her way and he guided her.

At Chaturvedi house Anu n Malini are thrilled to see Aditya’s post on the newspaper and smirk at the way Adi had vent out. Anu is sure Malini will fill the void left by Imlie. Anu is very happy. But Malini is skeptical that Imlie had not yet signed the divorce papers.

At Tripathi house, Aparna confronts Adi and drives some sense into his head. Adi states Imlie had cheated him with Aryan. Aparna reminds Adi that all these months Imlie had seen Adi with Malini. In fact, she had got her husband married to Malini herself. She never created any hungama all these months, How could she hand him divorce papers suddenly? Aparna refuses to believe Imlie could do this, asks Adi to go to Imlie and clarify and patch up with her. Ap reprimands Adi for lashing out at harmless little girl Imlie. Malini overhears and decides to make the best of this situation.

Little later, Malini weeps and tells Aparna and Adi that she was dismissed from job being unwed mother, her child’s father was a married guy. The college management feels she was a bad example for the students. Malini sheds tears. Aparna assures they would find a solution to her problems. Malini accuses this unplanned pregnancy was the cause of her job dismissal and for all complications between Adi-Imlie. So she would abort this child. Adi states she can not decide on her own. It is his baby too. Adi is worried. Aparna asks Adi to go and meet Imlie that was more important. She assures him she will pacify and calm upset Malini .

At Bhaskar Times office all colleagues of Imlie taunt her over the article published by Adi Sir. That Imlie was married to Adi and was flirting with Aryan. They accuse her of using Aryan to get this job and this promotion . Imlie is teary eyed hearing all this. He lashes out at the workers for gossiping. He asks if they wanted to hear the entire story?
Aryan states whatever happened was for the best

Adi meets Imlie at office and she is happy seeing him but they both get the shock of their lives when Aryan announces he loves Imlie and Imlie too loves him and they both are getting married very soon. Adi hears this and walks out heart broken. Imlie is shocked.

Aryan then shouts that this was all gossip. This was all fake news. Warns all workers if they indulge in this kind of gossiping ever again, they will find themselves dismissed.

All workers get back to work, but Imlie weeps that BS published all wrong information about her without confirming the truth.

Aparna is upset when Radha and Harish discuss how Imlie should never have gone to live with Aryan in his house, how she should have maintained distance from him, none of this divorce drama would have happened. Men were never reliable they could take any drastic steps but women have to think of family society and proceed very carefully. Imlie should never have sent Adi the divorce papers.

Precap: Aditya tells Aparna that he had broken off with Imlie, he takes Aparna’s kasam. Aparna also takes kasam that Imlie will always remain part of this house n this family whether Aditya accepts her in his life or not.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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