Imlie : Aryan & Imlie Bond Over Pain !

Aryan enters Imlie’s room knocking door and hears her murmuring looking at rain says it was raining even that day and even today and hopes she doesn’t get a similar storm in her life again. He calls her. She asks why did he enter her room without alerting her. He says he knocked the door. She cannot answer why she is crying. He says he came to inform her that he is going to hotel Taj Mahal for a business meeting and she can accompany him if she is free. She thinks if she could tell that she is busy with her husband and family celebrating her wedding anniversary. He says if she is busy, he will ask another reporter to accompany him. She says she is free. He says its an important meeting, so she should wear some proper clothes. Anu on the other side tells Malini that tomorrow servant junior Imlie will be out of Adi’s life forever.

Adi and Imlie celebrate their wedding anniversary in their respective rooms and think they want to spend rest of their life with each other. Next morning, T family wishes happy wedding anniversary to Adi. Adi takes elders’ blessings and asks if tonight’s party arrangements are made. Rupali and Nishant excitedly says they have. Malini walks to them and says Imlie will return today and she will go out of this house, so she wants to meet them all one last time. Radha says they will meet her often.

Aparna says they will come to meet her baby. Malini says she will pack her bags and will leave in the evening. Rupali says she already packed her bag and asks Sundar to bring it soon. Malini wishes to attend tonight’s function. Rupali signals Adi not to agree, but Adi invites her.

Aryan gets ready for meeting and seeing Narmada and Arpita gossiping asks if they don’t have any other work. Narmada says she will play with her babies if he marries soon. Imlie walks down wearing her wedding sari. Arpita and Narmada praise her new look and asks if something is special today. She says no. Aryan criticizes her ook. Imlie says this sari is special to her and he shouldn’t criticize her. He walks away silently. Narmada tells Arpita that Imlie is not afraid of Adi and hopes a similar girl gets into Aryan’s life. Aryan while driving asks Imlie if she brought notes and company’s financial report. She lost in thoughts nods yes. He gets angry and says he wants a reporter and not an emotional mess, stops car midway, and orders her to get out of car if she doesn’t want to work. She walks out and stands in car crying remembering Adi’s bitter words criticizing her and Aryan’s growing friendship.

Aryan drives car back to her and asks her to get back into car. She shouts at him to leave if he is so busy. He asks to stop her drama and get into car. She says why should she obey his orders, she is tired of all this. He asks what is she doing. She says he will not understand the pain of losing someone and continues shouting. He asks if she loves Adi so much, why did she leave him; she just had a breakup and her dear one is not dead; he knows the fear of losing a dear one forever; has she seen a mother who wiped her daughter’s sindhoor, a wife who saw her husband burning alive; he saw his sister in sorrow for months, etc. He finally suggests her to move ahead towards her destiny instead of crying and cursing her fate. She gets back into car and leaves with him.

Aparna visits temple and prays devi maa that her bahu is returning home tonight and her son should get some conscience. Narmada also prays god to give some conscience to her son. They both hear each other’s prayers and start talking about their son.

Aparna then praises her sweet and tangy/khatti meethi bahu next. Narmada says even she wants a similar bahu and knows a similar girl. Aparna suggests her to get her son married to that girl. Narmada thinks Aparna gave her a good idea and is her bestfriend now. Tripathis get ready for anniversary celebration at hotel Taj Mahal. Malini over phone asks Anu if arrangements are made. Adi hears her and asks what kind of arrangements. Malini lies that she asked mom to arrange her room and smirks.

Precap: Adi enters a hotel room and stands shocked seeing Aryan and Imlie there.

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