Imlie : Aryan Imlie Showdown !

Imlie looking at mehandi hands thinks who replaced her mehandi sticker with real mehandi. Aryan greets her good morning and says he heard her mehandi color is very dark. Imlie asks if he did it. Aryan recalls entering Imlie’s room when she is asleep. She in sleep calls him bhainsa/buffalo. He says only didi calls him that and says she is jungli. She says he is akkadbagga. He applies mehandi on her hands continuing his nok jhok with her and apologizes her for entering her room silently, but he has to do this to win the challenge. Out of flashback, Imlie shouts at Aryan if he entered her room last night or sent someone else. Aryan checks mehandi and says he is the best in everything. She asks if he is not ashamed to enter her room and asks what if she had woken up and gathered everyone. Aryan says he already slept in her room before and knows she will not wake up at any cost once asleep.

She shouts he is misusing her weakness and is forcefully performing prewedding rituals with her. He says he wants to truly perform these rituals. She asks why he wants to perform rituals when he just wants to punish Aditya, has he fallen in her love and wants to marry her. He stands silent. She says she knows when he doesn’t consider her as a friend, how will he develop a feeling for her; she is just a sacrificing pawn and the biggest weapon against Aditya. She holds his collar and beat him shouting when Aditya already believed her fake mehandi, why did he apply real mehandi; she will not perform real ritual with her. She continues beating him. He thinks she will not believe even if he tells truth, he just wants her to be strong against Aditya. He says his revenge is not yet over as he still sees hope in Aditya’s eyes that she will not perform the rituals and will return to him; until he makes him realize that nothing will be good in his life, his revenge will not complete; winning is not only is hobby but his necessity, he will not accept defeat by Aditya and will perform rituals and even marry Imlie for that.

She wears her bangles and says she will ruin all the rituals and will change the lines of fate on her palms. He walks away. She thinks she should find the video and get out of this marriage drama soon. Aditya gets disheartened hearing Rupali praising Imlie’s mehandi. Imlie walks in. Aditya asks him to show her mehandi. She denies. He says he wants to see if he or Aryan loves her more. Imlie says there should a relationship of trust and respect between husband and wife and mehandi color doesn’t matter. Aditya asks if Aryan ever trusted her. Imlie recalls Aryan’s trust on her many times. Aditya says Aryan always betrayed her, even then she wants to marry him.

Aparna asks Meethi to give shagun to Aryan’s family. Meethi gives shagun envelope first to Narmada and then Badimaa. Badimaa humiliates Meethi for giving her only 500 rs in shagun. Narmada says they had given her a lot of dowry, but she returned it and took Imlie instead. Rupali and Nishant laugh on Badimaa. Badimaa humiliates them next and asks to keep their laugh for some more time till the next drama. Bhavani apologizes Meethi and Aparna from Badimaa’s behalf and says she is not bad at heart. Meethi says she didn’t feel bad about Badimaa’s words. Imlie and Aditya get ready for sangeet ritual and stop looking at each other. Imlie thinks she will see how will he perform next ritual. He thinks he knows what’s going in her mind.

Precap: Imlie strikes a deal with Gudiya and Aryan to get Gudiya married to Aryan.

Update Credit to: MA

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