Imlie: Aryan & Imlie’s Post Wedding Ritual Begins !

Imlie’s bidayi ritual starts. Imlie performs the ritual recalling Meethi’s bitter words and orders to marry Aryan. She hugs Tripathis emotionally but stops when Meethi tries to hug her and thinks she married according to Meeth’s wish, but will not perform bidayi according to her wish. She runs into car and cries vigorously. Aryan supports crying Meethi and asks why Imlie didn’t her, if there is some problem between them because of him. She dnies and asks to take care of Imlie. He promises her. He then gets inside the car and asks the driver to drive as they need to travel a long distance.

Car stops at a signal. People on street admire them. He signals that they are just married. They click pics. Imlie gets irritated. A few enouchs knock the car window to bless them and demand money. Aryan takes out his wallet to give them money. Imlie snatches his wallet and gives it to them. They bless Imlie and leave with the wallet. Aryan says his credit cards were in it. Imlie taunts him. He says it was his favorite wallet. She says now it’s someone else’s favorite wallet. Their argument starts. She says she will not support him in his plan and asks when will he leave her alone. He holds her hand tightly and says she already told her many times that she is not his target. She gets out of car and yells she will not obey his orders. and asks when will he leave her alone. He says never. She gets back in the car and asks the driver to take her home and let Aryan find his destiny himself. Aryan sits in the driver’s seat and drives car arguing with her again.

Aparna walks to Aditya and asks him to stop being stuck at the same place and accept that Imlie is married now. Aditya says Imlie ran away before finishing 7th phera. Aparna says he has no right on Imlie now as Imlie returned back to marry Aryan. Aditya walks away saying he will not lose his hope even then. Meethi overhears their conversation and prays for Aryan and Imlie’s safety.

Aryan and Imlie’s argument continues. He asks why she returned back even after he gave her a chance to leave. She says she returned for Narmada and Arpita, she can become a DIL of this house, but not Aryan’s wife. Aryan says he doesn’t run behind if someone doesn’t come close to him, he will behave the way Imlie will behave with him. Imlie continues venting out her frustration on him with allegations against him. Narmada and Arpita wait for Imlie and Aryan for graha pravesh. Imlie enters Rathod house holding Aryan’s hand. Narmada explains to her how to perform the ritual. Badimaa taunts that Imlie already married twice and is experienced. Aryan gets angry. Narmada asks Imlie to continue the ritual. Imlie walks on a cloth to leave her footprints on it, but fails. Badimaa grins remembering wetting the cloth. Imlie squeezes water out of the cloth sheet and walks on it leaving her footprints. Badimaa stands frowning.

Imlie walks to Aryan’s room and cries sitting on the floor. Meethi calls her and asks why didn’t she inform her after reaching Aryan’s house. Imlie asks her to stop acting as worried for her after pushing her in darkness and disconnects call. Aryan walks in and asks if she is speaking to amma. Imlie warns him to dare not to snatch her amma from her. Aryan gets angry and walks away. Back at T-house, Aparna with Meethi visits Aditya again. Meethi suggests him to move on in life as everything happens for good and leaves. Aditya is determined to do something serious to get back Imlie in his life. After some time, Aparna and Pankaj visit his room and don’t find him there. They find his stuff except his camera missing.

Imlie and Aryan perform postwedding rituals. Aryan thinks of apologizing Imlie, but stops seeing everyone. Imlie thinks she cannot bear another taunt from him. Badimaa ties a thread around Imlie’s wrists and taunts Imlie. Imlie gives her a befitting reply and asks her to not stoop low and stay within her limits. Badimaa calls neighbors for the ritual. Imlie takes their blessings. Imlie feels uneasy due to the tight thread around her wrist. Narmada asks Imlie and Aryan to untie each other’s threads. Imlie unties Aryan’s thread, but Aryan finds Imlie’s thread very tight. Imlie faints. He takes her to room. Badimaa acts as concerned and says it’s abshagun. Aryan stops her drama by untying Imlie’s thread and says he believes in equal partnership seeing his parents supporting each other. He then hugs Imlie, and she wakes up.

Badimaa spikes milk planning to fail Imlie and Aryan’s suhagraat. Gudiya also hopes that Imlie doesn’t get intimate with Aryan and annoys Imlie with her taunts. Imlie enters room and is surprised to see the room decorated with flowers for suhagraat. She thinks she needs to save herself from the problem. She hides without having milk. Badimaa and Gudiya peep in and feel frustrated. Aryan enters room next and even he is surprised to see the decoration. He sees UNB written with flowers and thinks Arpita did it. He acts as snoring to avoid Imlie. Imlie tries to take trophies from the shelf and falls. Aryan holds her and asks what is she doing. Their nok jhok starts again. Imlie accidentally drops Arvind’s file from the rack. Aryan gets angry and keeps it back in the rack. He wishes her good night and rests on a corner of the stairs. Imlie rests on the other corner of the stairs.

Aditya returns home in the morning. Aparna gets happy seeing him and asks where was he the whole night. He walks in ignoring her. Harish questions him next. Aditya says wherever he was, it was better than staying with them. Pankaj warns him to stop misbehaving with his mother. Narmada calls landline and invites T family for Aryan and Imlie’s reception. Aditya says his whole family will attend the reception except him. In the evening, guests start walking in for the reception party. Imlie enters wearing a maid’s attire holding a broom and mopping stick. Someone asks what kind of costume is it. Imlie says it’s her identity.

Precap: Imlie cleans broken glass pieces in front f the guests, and Aryan helps her.

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