Imlie: Aryan Ne Dilaya Imlie Ka Internship

Aditya drops Malini to college. Imlie passes by. Malini asks her not to misunderstand Adi as he just came to drop her to college and walks away. Adi asks Imlie if he needs to justify why he came to drop Malini; if she had focused on their relationship instead of Malini, they would have been in a better position. She says she didn’t say anything. He says another color cannot be smeared on a black color. She says he fills colors in her life, but right now she will concentrate on her career. He asks then why did she tear internship appointment letter. She says why is he worried for her career. He says he is her husband. She walks away saying when he doesn’t trust her, he shouldn’t bother.

Aryan over phone tells Arpita that he waited for villager Imlie for 14 minutes and cannot wait anymore as he needs to visit office and hire an intern. Imlie notices students looking at Aryan’s car and discussing to seek internship from him. Teacher scolds them to get back to their class. Once they all leave, Imlie starts her jokergiri and sears mud around his whole car. Watchman notices her and asks why did she spoil this car as he will scold her. Imlie says he need not worry and writes her name on glass. Watchman asks if she is not afraid. She says she doesn’t as she doesn’t have anything to lose, she just wants lakkad bagga/Aryan not to trouble her.

Adi reaches office and scolds his subordinates seeing them busy gossiping. He sees welcome Imlie cards and feels sad. Boss asks if Imlie didn’t come along. Adi says no. Boss says Imlie is intelligent and should concentrate on her career. Adi says he understands. Boss asks him to convince Imlie for internship somehow. Imlie enters college after ruining Aryan’s car. Malini meets her and taunts if she is angry seeing her with Adi, she should get used to it as Adi will soon forget her. Imlie says Adi near Malini but not with her. Malini thinks even Imlie is not near Adi. Imlie enters principal’s cabin where peon informs her that a rich man Rathod had come to offer her internship. Aryan walks to his car and gets angry seeing his car spoilt. Imlie rushes to him saying he was searching her, Imlie from Pagdandiya, and gets tensed seeing Aryan. She blabbers that she took revenge from him for his repeated mistakes and spared him easily, so he should be thankful to her. He stops her and offers he internship. She says he is saying this in frustration. He says he is offering her internship without internship. She gets emotional and asks if he is not joking. He says ne never jokes and ask her to sit in his car as a last test. She rushes into his car. He says she gets internship if she doesn’t get afraid and starts driving car.

Adi’s boss introduces Adi interns as their boss. Adi imagines Imlie walking to him and asking why he removed her name and how could he become her boss. He says she can be boss at home and he will be boss at office. She laughs. He laughs seeing her. Boss asks Adi why is he laughing and introduces his internship team. Adi asks interns to get back to their seats while he gives them project. Boss informs him that their news paper’s new owner will visit soon. Adi says one who turned a news paper into gossip column. Boss says he should explain it to new owner. Adi says he is ready for even that test. Aryan drives car rashly and asks Imlie if she is afraid. She acts and says she is not, but falls on his lap. At college, Malini thinks Adi still meets Imlie and she should somehow stop that.
She hears students talking about Imlie leaving in a big industrialist’s imported car.

Precap: Aryan tells Imlie its good she felt fear and should be afraid of him always. Imlie acts. He orders her to clean hsi car and walks away.

Update Credit to: MA

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