Imlie : Aryan Refuses to Believe Imlie Over Jyoti !

Aryan angrily calls Jyoti. Imlie says Jyoti would come out if she is at home, she had come to hospital and tried to kill her and Madhav. Narmada says Jyoti is meditating and praying for her safety since the morning. Imlie says its not possible and walks to Jyoti’s room with Aryan.

Jyoti acts as lost in prayers. Harry asks if everything is alright. Aryan says Jyoti is in her room and asks if she saw Jyoti’s face. Imlie says she heard Jyoti’s voice who gave her injection and saw Harry. Aryan says she has changed and he made a mistake of trusting her, says Jyoti is his friend and he trusts her like Imlie trusts Madhav. Once he and Harry walk away, Imlie confronts Jyoti and asks her to stop her drama.

Jyoti says she is meditating here since the morning. Imlie smiles and says Jyoti crossed her line by trying to kill her and her baby, challenges her to send her far away from her family, and takes oath to keep her away from her baby and Aryan.

Imlie returns to her room. Aryan says he was proud of her, but she broke his pride. She asks what does he mean. He says she is taking revenge from him by wrongly accusing his friend for accusing her friend, says Jyoti is busy in her prayers since she came in this house, he always trusted Imlie and she is trying to misuse his trust. Imlie emotionally speaks and says she will not let his trusted broken and will do anything to protect him. Aryan says she doesn’t have any proof against Jyoti.

Imlie says she doesn’t have any proof today, but may have it tomorrow or day after tomorrow; he shouldn’t trust her even then. She asks if Madhav is such a big criminal, then why is he in the hospital in pain instead of her; he will realize the difference between friend and an imposter if he understands this.

She leaves from there and emotionally tells her baby that its parents don’t trust each other, it should not bother about anything and grow up to be an intelligent person, she will handle Aryan, etc.


Nila recalls Kairi and Imlie brutally trashing her and Kairi wearing men’s shoes. She walks to kitchen and noticing someone sleeping wearing men’s shoes and thinks she will expose the man who is enacting as Kairi. She calls Narmada. Narmada with Arpita and Gudiya walk in.

Arpita gets tensed that Sundar will be exposed today. Nila says Kairi is sleeping wearing men’s shoes. Narmada asks her not to disturb Kairi. Narmada removes blanket and is stunned to see Kairi sleeping instead. Kairi starts her drama. Nila asks why is she wearing men’s shoes. Kairi says its her father’s shoes and starts her jokergiri with her cooked up story. Narmada asks Nila why she is behaving weird since morning and leaves asking her to rest. Kairi warns Nila not to mess up with her or else she will repent.

Jyoti walks to Aryan’s room with aarti. Aryan says he doesn’t know if Madhav has done wrong with Imlie when he loves his mother so much and is lying injured on the hospital bed. Jyoti in shock asks if Madhav is alive. Aryan says of course he is alive.

She provokes him against Madhav that he did wrong to Imlie and asks if he will spare Madhav. Aryan says he doesn’t spare anyone and heads to meet Mahdav. Jyoti gets tensed thinking her truth will be out if Aryan meets Madhav.

Precap: Jyoti asks Kairi to kill Imlie.

Update Credit to: MA

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