Imlie: Aryan Shot !

Aryan takes Imlie to meet Madhav and get the article from him. He asks her to not come out of car and keep her phone in a general mode. He notices Madhav standing nearby and walks to him. An assassin readies his gun. Madhav asks Aryan why did he come instead of Imlie. Aryan praises his work and taking the report gives him money. Madhav leaves. Aryan shows the envelope to Imlie and she claps for him. Assassin shoots Aryan.

Imlie notices Aryan and rushes towards hm. Aryan falls down. Assassin tries to snatch evidence from Aryan and says he can’t prove anything against his boss Rehan bhai. Aryan holds the envelope tightly and says he will neither lose this evidence nor his wife’s trust on him. Assassin tries to shoot him again when Imlie from a far distance pulls a stone from her hairband and shoots it at the assassin’s face. Assassin drops the gun. Locals noticing that rush towards the spot. Assassin escapes snatching part of the envelope from Aryan.

Imlie cries holding Aryan and pleads people to call the ambulance immediately. Ambulance arrives, and Aryan is shifted to hospital. Narmada gets a call and drops her phone in shock. Aryan is rushed to operation theater while Imlie watches him from a glass window and recalls him saving her life before many times. Narmada with others reaches at the hospital. Imlie breaks down seeing them. Narmada questions why her is suffering so much al the time. Jyoti blames Imlie in her mind and thinks Imlie’s energy is not compatible with Aryan’s energy. Nila starts her acting and asks who will take care of Aryan’s family if something happens to him. Gudiya comments Aryan doesn’t look good with the big bandage on his head. Narmada panics hearing that.

Jyoti takes Nila and Gudiya aside and says she knows they don’t want Imlie in Aryan’s life, even she wants the same. Nila and Gudiya deny at first. Jyoti persists them and says their actions speak defy everything and everyone knows their hatred for Imlie. Gudiya asks her if she also likes Aryan that she wants Imlie to be out of Aryan’s life. She says Jyoti is just Aryan’s college friend, but she knows Aryan the childhood and hence Aryan belongs to only her. Jyoti controls her anger and says Aryan will be Gudiya’s if they act as per her plan. Nila agrees and befriends her.

Doctor informs everyone that the bullet hit Aryan’s body and passed through it, but Aruyan Aryan lost huge amount of blood, so they need to transfuse him blood. He asks Imlie to make arrangements for B negative blood. Imlie leaves assuring Narmada that she will be back soon. Narmada prays to God for Aryan. Jyoti thinks Narmada questioned the universe but has to listen to her instead and walks away from there. Imlie requests nurse and others to arrange B negative blood somehow. She calls someone and asks him to post in social media requesting for B negative blood.

Precap: Imlie pleads Aryan to wait for her until she brings blood for him. She arranges blood but gets stuck in traffic. Aryan’s condition deteriorates.

Update Credit to: MA

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