Imlie : Aryan Stands Strong For Imlie ; Inspires Her to Face Her Fears !

Imlie practices interviewing Aditya and asks how did he think of marrying Malvika and if he has done PhD of making a same mistake. She feels emotional and questions if he forgot his first wife s easily, etc. Aryan walks in and says she doesn’t have time to get ready like a bride and should rest to wedding venue soon. She walks down where Narmada offers her breakfast. She acts excited to have breakfast. Aryan walks down ready and asks if she didn’t go yet. She says she feels hungry. He says let him see how much she eats. She nervously fills her plate and after her usual jokergiri says one who comes first in class is always not intelligent and one who comes last is not dumb, similarly she is not a coward but is just afraid. He asks her to accompany him if her lecture is done. She accompanies him.

Wedding planners barge into Aparna and Pankaj’s room and discuss about renovating room for today’s wedding. They both oppose. Planners ask if they are groom’s parents. Aparna thinks whether they should call themselves as a disobedient son’s parents. Anu walks in and taunts them that they should be happy that their house is decorated as classic rich house from middle class, they should be happy that their grandson will get a father’s name now. Aparna tongues lashes her and sends her away. Pankaj says hopes she stops Adi from marrying Malini by scolding him. She says she is worried for Imlie.

Aryan takes Imlie to a children’s park and asks her to step on a slide. She starts her jokergiri and denies saying he is her boss in office and not in her personal life. He says if his professional life is affected, he will interfere in her personal life and get her rid off her fear of sliding down the slider. A few orphanage kids walk to Aryan and asks why he came here earlier than Sunday and informs Imlie that he visits their orphanage every Sunday and makes their day a best. Aryan asks kids to force Imlie to climb steps. Imlie trying to escape from them climbs stairs and gets afraid seeing slider. He walks to her and pushes her down the slider, then says she faced this fear and should be ready to face her next fear and reach Aditya’s house to cover his wedding.

Anu asks Malini when Aditya doesn’t have any problem with this wedding, what problem her in-laws has, wedding album won’t be good with their tantrums. Malini says Adi loves his family and he won’t be happy if they are unhappy and will not accept her completely. Anu says she should win her MIL’s heart for that, drops soap on Aparna’s way, and when she slips Malini holds her and Anu holding Malini scolds her that she was risking her life to save her MIL’s life.

Malini says its her duty. Aparna tongue lashes Anu, Rupali questions that Aparna slips where only Anu and Malini were present. Anu warns to stop alleging them. Malini stops her and says their duty is to criticize and question her and her duty is to answer and take care of them. Aparna thanks her for saving her from falling.

Imlie reaches T house and remembers Adi divorcing her and Aryan supporting her. She asks Seeta maiya to let her go in and not her feelings. She shatters seeing Aditya and Malini’s old wedding photo and runs away crying. Aryan calls her and orders her go in. She asks if he is following her. He says he is her boss and its his duty to check if she is working properly or not. She says he should do come and cover the story then, she cannot face Adi. He says Adi proved that he is a coward by writing a hate article and she should prove that she is not a coward like him.


Precap: Imlie with reporters visits T house. Adi asks what is she doing. Malini says Imlie is not this house’s bahu anymore.
Imlie says she is reporter Imlie form Bhaskar Times and walks in.

Update Credit to: MA

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