Imlie: Aryan Stunned by Imlie ; Malini Makes Imlie Jealous

Imlie with her team loads shooting equipment in a car. Aryan says let us go. Malini walks to Imlie with a suitcase and says its a gift for her as she must be tired carrying a polti/bag always. Imlie taunts her that instead of being with her husband, she is wasting her time here. Malini gives her kaleri/bangle decorative piece and says whoever gets it will get a life partner soon, but she already found one, pointing at Aryan.

Imlie says she is her enemy and not an elder sister. Malini thanks god that she doesn’t have to see her face again. Imlie challenges her that she will visit often to meet T family and show her face to her. Malini says its a nice trick to interfere between her and her husband. Imlie asks if she is not confident of herself. Adi walks out. Imlie taunts Malini that now she should definitely go in, she is not like others who will interfere in other’s lives and leaves with Adi.

Imlie returns to Aryan’s house making weird face. Narmada and Arpita get concerned and ask if she has stomachache. Imlie says she is feeling hungry. Narmada calls cook to prepare something. Imlie says she herself will prepare food today and gives a list of dishes. Narmada and Arpita insist Aryan to go and help Imlie in kitchen. Aryan walks to kitchen and seeing her in jolly mood asks if she is fine. She calls him ABP/ajeeb bikat prani/weird animal and continues joking asking him to cut onions.

He asks her again if she is fine. She says she is busy and enjoying cooking, she will not blame herself if doesn’t cook well and will eat however she prepares it, similarly she will not blame anyone for the consequences in her life and will not look behind. He sheds tears. She asks if her story is so tragic that even a stone is crying. He says he is crying because of onion. She continues her drama. He says he is not bothered about her tragic story and just wants to know if she is fine or not. She sheds tears saying she accepted her marriage as real when she was forcefully married, considered a step sister as real one and trusted her, and she got only betrayal till now, so she will not think about her past and will move on.

Narmada and Arpita join her and says food smells yummy. She asks them to join her and invites even Aryan. Aryan says he doesn’t eat carbs after 8 p.m. She asks what? Arpita asks not to bother about him and serve them food. Aryan thinks its amazing that she didn’t break down on the toughest day of her life and found happiness in cooking, he wishes he that could be like her, and determines to destroy Aditya soon.

Next morning, Malini walks to kitchen and asks Sundar to make preparations for ring finding ceremony. Rupali taunts how many times will she perform same rituals. Malini taunts her back that she is jealous that she couldn’t stop her and herself is standing wherever she is and suggests her to hide her true self and try to act as good if she wants to gain someone’s interest. Rupali says she is neither sad nor know to act good like her, she is just concerned for Malini who is performing rituals herself and forgot that she cannot get any love Adi as Adi loves only Imlie and will never accept her. Malini gets angry and says she was in Adi’s life since 7 years and will always be, Imlie was a temporary chapter which ended. She calls Anu and says everyone think Adi will not accept her. Anu suggests her to consider Adi as a thali ka baigan, invite Imlie for function with Aryan, and make Adi jealous and hate Imlie to the core.

Malini visits Aryan’s office. Imlie asks if she can’t stay away from her even for a day that she came to see her. Malini says she came to talk to Aryan and says she has a kitchen ritual today and hence came to invite him and Imlie for dinner tonight. He says he is a professional and his project has finished. She says his project will complete when he finalizes pics and prints them. Imlie says they can do it via mail and don’t have to visit her home and have dinner.

Malini taunts her that she doesn’t have common sense of mingling in the society, so let her explain that they can sit together peacefully and finalize pics; when Imlie is confident of herself, why don’t she come and perform a ritual. Aryan says he took 50 lakhs to cover the her wedding and not her postwedding rituals, so he needs 50 lakhs more to cover her postwedding rituals. She says his cheque will be ready in the evening. He agrees. She walks away telling Imlie that she and Adi will wait for her. Imlie asks Aryan why did he agree. Aryan says he is thinking of Bhaskar Times’ profits and will get 50 lakhs for bearing 2 hours of nonsense.

Precap: Malini makes Imlie jealous by feeding dinner to Adi. Adi asks Imlie to have something. Imlie munches chillies, and Aryan stops her.

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