Imlie : Aryan Supports His Mother; Opposes His Mother

Aryan returns home with Imlie. Narmada takes him inside and scolds him for going behind Imlie by disobeying her. Aryan asks what does she mean. Narmada says it has been 3 hours since he left the hospital and doctor scolded her for being so careless. She asks if he will be running behind Imlie always. Aryan says she is misunderstanding him.

Imlie requests Narmada to speak to her and let her correct her mistake if she has hurt her feelings as she wants all the relationships to be intact and would sacrifice herself for the relationships. Narmada days she used to trust Imlie’s words, but her actions don’t defy her words. Imlie says she will clear all the differences and asks her to tell what she should do to calm down her anger. Narmada asks if she really wants to follow her order, then she should leave her job today itself.

Aryan is shocked to hear that and asks her why should Imlie leave her job. Narmada says that’s their family tradition and even she and Arpita left their job after marriage. Aryan says it was her choice, why should Imlie sacrifice her job. Narmada blames Imlie that Aryan is opposing her decision because of her and asks if she will sacrifice her job for her. She asks if she will chose her work or her family. Jyoti hopes Imlie will say she loves her career than Aryan. Imlie tries to speak. Aryan stops her and says he will not let her sacrifice her job. He asks Narmada why she is against Imlie’s job when she was happy with it earlier, why don’t she ask even him to leave his job. Narmada says even if he used to work for 24 hours, he used to visit her on order and Imlie is unable to do that.

Aryan says Imlie does everything silently, she is working from home more and going to the office less since her marriage and silently finishes her deadline by working till late night; she silently helps Narmada in her morning pooja and preorders her asthma medicines, helps Nila silently by giving her car and going herself in bus, helped them in Arpita’s marriage, never accompanied him to the office after marriage so that people shouldn’t taunt their family, etc. He finally gives his verdict that Imlie will not leave her job and not sacrifice her career for anyone. He holds Imlie’s hand and walks to his room.

Arpita asks Narmada when she considered Imlie as her family’s Lakshmi who changed Aryan’s life, then what happened to her now. Nila asks so what, its a bahu/DIL’s responsibility to take care of family, what is the need to work when she they are rich, will she leave her children for her career and walk away in the future. Gudiya says its just an excuse to stay out of house and escape from house responsibilities.

Nila tells Narmada that DIL and MIL’s relationship should be the most compatible one and scolds Arpita to support her mother and not bhabhi. Arpita asks Narmada if she will speak something. Narmada says Nila is right, Arptia shouldn’t interfere between MIL and DIL if she cannot support her.

Jyoti fumes that Aryan ignored her after she helped him and instead went with Imlie. She determines that Aryan should returned to her at any cost. Nila with Gudiya walks in and says she brainwashed Narmada against Imlie. Jyoti says Imlie and Aryan should have to be separated. Gudiya asks reason. Jyoti says old friends are like magnets and cannot be separated. Gudiya says just like she is Aryan’s childhood sweetheart. Jyoti says she wants someone who can take care of Aryan and support him always. Gudiya says she is the perfect match for Aryan then. Jyoti thinks once she separates Imlie from Aryan, she will even evict Gudiya out. Nila says they should do something more than just getting Imlie out of Aryan’s life.

Imlie scolds Aryan for his rude behavior with his mother. Aryan says sometimes she speaks right and for others, but cannot support herself. Their nok jhok starts. Arpita walks to them and asks them to solve the issues downstairs first as Nila and Gudiya are brainwashing Narmada and they need to stop that. Imlie says she will speak to Nila and Gudiya tomorrow morning. Next morning, Imlie plays loud bhajan in Nila and Gudiya’s bedroom and wakes them up.

Nila yells what is her new drama now. Imlie says she will play loud bhajan to calm Nila’s mind and let her not provoke Narmada. Gudiya says he should have played a better bhajan at least. Imlie plays another song irritating Nila. Nila runs behind her to snatch her phone. Arpita and Aryan mock Nila and hope she stays away from their mother. Imlie warns Nila to dare not try to separate her from Narmada or else she will repent. Nila stands frowning. After some time, Aryan feels headache. Imlie questions and taunts him. Their nok jhok starts again. She then massages his scalp. He hopes Narmada’s misunderstanding towards Imlie clears soon.

Precap: Imlie requests Narmada to give her one more chance. Narmada says her drama will not work her. Imlie says she gave her a place to stay in her house and supported her. Narmada says she feels like snatching back whatever she gave her.

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