Imlie : Aryan Wants Vengeance on Aditya!

Imlie the Star Plus show produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Films has seen Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) burning with jealousy on seeing Imlie (Sumbul Touqeer) getting closer to Aryan (Fahmaan Khan). We wrote about how Imlie has started to stay at Aryan’s house. We also wrote about Aditya getting to know of Imlie staying at Aryan’s place. At the wee hours of the night, Aditya will get into Aryan’s mansion to take Imlie away. The two of them will have a major fight which will pain Aditya all the more.

The coming episodes will also throw up a hidden secret that actually connects Aryan and Aditya. Yes, that is the death of Arvind, Arpita’s husband and Aryan’s brother-in-law.

We have seen sequences of the past where Arvind was burnt alive in a fire accident when his car caught fire. Aryan has not been able to come to terms with the major loss.

Now, it will be revealed that Aditya was the reporter who was doing his on-field duty as a journalist just before Arvind’s death. Aditya’s questions at Arvind would have irked the protestors post which one of them would have thrown a gas-filled bottle with fire over Arvind’s car.

Aryan will be shown telling himself that he has always wanted to avenge Aditya Kumar Tripathi for the death of Arvind.


So does it mean that the whole Imlie drama was also planted by Aryan? Is he deliberately separating Aditya from Imlie?

Credit: IWMBuzz

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