Imlie : Atharva Decides to Marry Chini !

Chini tells family that Imlie lied about her memory loss, she doubted Imlie from the beginning, but nobody paid heed to her; they all now realized that she was right, Imlie is lying even today with an ulterior motive. Rupali asks Imlie to answer. Imlie says she and Chini had decide to tell their truth to everyone. Chini asks her not to accuse her as she already paid for her mistakes and can’t pay for Imlie’s mistakes even after serving Imlie so much, she is innocent.

Keya says she need not worry as everyone know her truth and Imlie’s lies now. Rudra tells Atharva that he will tell what happened. Atharva says Imlie lied to him and warns Imlie not to take his name as only his dear ones and friends can call him by his name. He accuses Imlie of playing with his emotions to take revenge from him. He says he was praying god for her friend, but Imlie made a joke out of their friendship and made him look like a fool.

Shivani asks Imlie why don’t she speak now when she could lie to them easily. Imile says Chini played a trick. Atharva shouts let Chini go to hell and asks continues questioning Imlie. He asks if she played a memory loss drama and lied to him. She nods yes and pleads to forgive her. He says how many time shall he forgive her, she fooled 2 families, even her parents must be ashamed of her today. Imlie pleads again to forgive her. He shouts neither him nor her Seeta maiya will forgive her. Chini thinks Atharva made Imlie cry really well, now Imlie is a vamp and she will be Rana family’w new DIL. Everyone walk away from there, leaving Imlie crying.

Anu visits Chini and excitedly asks if Arto really made Imlie cry today. Chini describes how she tricked Imlie and made her reveal truth. Anu says she made her nad Malini proud today. Imlie walks to Chini and asks why did she do this. Chini says she is a fool to believe her and says she doesn’t want to listen to her. Imlie leaves. Anu says she should confirm Imlie doesn’t convince Arto again with her tears. Atharva walks on stairs limping. Imlie rushes to him and asks if he is hurt. He warns her to stop showing her fake concern and stay away from him. Anu tells Chini that its time to comfort Atharva and marry him.

Heavily intoxicaed Atharva drives car recalling Imlie’s lies and crashes it to a tree. Chini following her in her cr walks to her. Atharva thinks its Imlie and says she always came to save him whenever he was in trouble, then realizes its Chini. Chini gets him into her car, then acts as car not starting and mobile signal off. She takes him to a nearby store room and lies him down on a bed. She then message Anu to execute part 2 of their plan. Store room owners return and knock door. People gather.

Imlie acts as tensed and opens door. Everyone accuse them of spending night together. Anu hiding her face fules their doubt. People question Chini’s character and asks if the boy with her will marry her. Atharva says he will. Chini says Imlie will be hurt. Atharva says Imlie did what she wanted to, now he will do what he wants to and will marry her. He holds her hand and says let us go home and inform our families that they are marrying. After returning home, he informs same to family. Rudra asks if he is not ashamed to say that. Atharva says they all can live happily if he marries Chini. Imlie walks to them. Shivani informs that Atharva is marrying Chini.

Precap: Imlie watches Chini’s fake suicide attempt video and thinks of showing it to Atharva. Chini says she will not let her show it to Arto, snatches her mobile, and pushes her from balcony saying good bye.

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