Imlie : Atharva & Imlie Confess Their Feelings for Each Other !

Sundar tells Imlie that he knows she expressed her love for Atharva in front of everyone and even Atharva expressed his love for her. Imlie says its a part of their plan. Rupali asks if Atharva set off fire from her dupatta without bothering about himself was part of plan? Atharva has changed and she should give him a chance. Devika asks Atharva why he is breaking his relationship with Imlie when he loves her and even Imlie accepted her love for him. Atharva says Imlie’s happiness is important to him and he fears he will hurt her again.

Chini tries to leave Rana house with her bags. Imlie stops her and says she shouldn’t feel bad if she is hurt by her and then changing her tone says Chini can’t harm her at all now. Chini recalls taking away Imlie’s each thing rightfully before.

Imlie says she will not let Chini take away anything from her her again. She notices her dupatta in Chini’s bag and takes it. Atharva recalls that dupatta falling on him when he first heard Ms Shayara and thinks Imlie is Ms Shayara and love of his life.

He walks to Imlie and expresses how much he loves Ms Shayara who is her, but earlier confused her with someone else/Chini. He describes how much she means to him and how he is incomplete without her, etc. Imlie says its late and there is nothing left here. Atharva feels sad. Imlie says for Chini. Atharva feels happy and asks if Imlie is staying back. Imlie nods yes. Atharva thanks her. Imlie asks Chini to get out of her house. Chini leaves thinking she will return soon.

Atharva and Imlie spend quality time together. He nervously asks her if she wants something. She nods no. He says he feels awkward but is happy that she is with him; he asks what is wrong with her, why did she fall for an idiot like him.

Imlie asks if he doesn’t know why. Atharva says he knows, but wants to listen it from her mouth and requests her. Imlie stands silently. Atharva says he knows it was part of her plan when she expressed her love for him, he knew and even said same to mom.

Imlie slowly says I love and starts coughing. Atharva says its not fair. A smoke spreads all over the room. Atharva says he will go and check. Imlie opens window and finds Atharva missing. Imlie is shocked to see things broken all around the house and guards lying injured with family members missing. She recalls Chini’s challenge to snatch everything from her and thinks Chini crossed her limits today and she will not spare Chini today.

Goons kidnap Rana family and take them to a godown where they learn that chini is behind their kidnap. Chini challenges to marry Atharva right there. Atharva refuses. Chini walks to Keya and says devrani-jethani relationship is old fashioned, so they will be BFFs. She tortures Ripu and Ginni and threatens Atharva to marry him. Atharva refuses and says he doesn’t love her. Chini says he forgot that he doesn’t love Imlie. Chini says no more discussion, they will marry directly.

Precap: Atharva and Imlie remarry with an oath that nobody will come between them. Imlie notices a man and asks who is he.
Man says he is Dhairya.

Update Credit to: MA

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